Halloween DIY: Annette’s Nacho Libre

I have seen some amazing costumes in my day, but never anything like this Nacho Libre costume. If I ever have a little boy I will be using this one for sure!

How did you decide what costume to give G?

Well, we were looking for something different and I already knew I wanted to accomplish this by making the costume myself. I had no clue what to do though. I think I had just joined Pinterest around that time and was browsing “funny Halloween costumes” because my family has a huge sense of humor!

I saw a little Nacho Libre costume and showed my husband since we can practically recite the whole movie. I mean, c’mon, “It’s thee besssst!”

We originally planned on doing a family theme and Nacho was perfect for G. I was supposed to be Encarnacion and my husband was going to be Ramses. Unfortunately, I only got around to making G’s costume.

Where did you get all your materials?

Cape:  Little Red Riding hood cape from the Salvation Army ($3)

Teal leggings:  H&M ($4.95)

Gold fringe: Joann’s ($2.49)

Red wool tights (very thick material works best):  A local indoor swap meet ($3)

Shoelaces:  Dollar store ($1)

Beige long-sleeved onesie (we already had it)

How did you save costs?

We saved by checking the Salvation Army and local thrift stores first! You never know what you might find, especially in October. They bring out a lot of Halloween costumes that you can cut up and use for something new. Dollar stores also have a lot of little supplies that can be used. There was also a sale at H&M, and Joann’s sends 50% off coupons all the time!

How long did the costume take to make? 

About an hour… tops!

Can you describe the steps you took to make the costume?

If your cape has a hood like mine did, cut that off and then hot glue or sew the gold fringe a few inches below the top edge of the cape. Your cape is now done!

Grab the red tights. Cut the legs off so that the top is left to fit like underwear. Next, cut off the feet so that they are long enough to fit on your boy (or girl) to look like boots. Use whatever is left over to cut little squares for the knees.

Hot glue or sew the red squares to the knees of the teal leggings.  (It helps if you put the leggings on your little one first to see exactly where their knees are and then mark the area with a light pen or chalk before applying.)

On to the boots… Poke or slit tiny, and I mean TINY holes up the front sides of the feet that you cut from the tights. Remember, the holes will stretch out so you don’t want to make them too big! When you’re done making the slits, CAREFULLY thread the shoelaces through and tie them at the top.

That’s it!

The way we dressed G was like this:  Leggings went on first. The red “underwear” went over the leggings. If the underwear part goes too far up the tummy or down the leg, just fold the material under.

Next, we put on his socks and regular tennis shoes and slid the red “boots” over his shoes (be careful with this). We felt it might be safer for him to have some shoes on so that he wouldn’t hurt his feet on rocks, etc.

After that was the cape.

Lastly, we messed up his hair with some baby gel and used my eyeliner to draw a mustache and fill in his eyebrows so they looked thick.

Once it got cold, we went home for a bit and put his long-sleeved onesie underneath everything. Due to it being beige, it still looked like his stomach and chest were bare.

Oh and don’t forget to “save a piece of that corn for later.” It makes for some really awesome pictures!

Was it less expensive than buying a costume?

It sure was! In total, I spent less than $15 and an hour of my time.

We got lots of laughs, compliments and Facebook tags from people. It was totally worth it and a lot of fun!

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