Halloween DIY: Ashley’s Potato Farm

Looking for a DIY Halloween costume? Families don’t always need to dress the same, and Ashley’s family is a great example of that. They made Halloween a lot of fun last year by making some simple, creative DIYs!  With some help, Ashley turned herself and her son into a farmer girl and her sack of potatoes!

How did you decide what costumes to dress your family in? 

I mainly focused on my son Logan. I wanted something unique; I really wasn’t into all the store bought costumes. Once I knew what I wanted him to be, I just threw on something that complemented him.

Where did you get all your materials?

The materials, stencils and paint were all from Walmart!

How did you save costs?

By making the costume myself. I think I saved a ton!

How long did the costume take to make?

With my mama’s help, it took an evening to sew and stencil. We let the paint dry overnight and voila!

Can you describe the steps you took to make the costume?

It was very fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants. We measured Logan, roughly sketched out the numbers on the burlap, cut, sewed (kind of like sewing a pillow case) and then sewed elastic in the top and bottom so that it scrunched. Then I figured out what I wanted it to read, put the stencils on and painted!

Was it less expensive than buying a costume?

Yes, absolutely!

There you have it — a cute potato sack and farmer girl!

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  1. so cute! I love it!

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