Halloween DIY: Laura’s Charlie Brown Gang

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love to dress up and play “fantasy.” Laura and her family had fun with their costumes last year and dressed up as some pretty familiar characters!

How did you decide what costumes to dress your family in?

My first concern was picking a costume that would be comfortable for my baby to wear. He was only ten months old and I knew he wouldn’t tolerate anything bulky or binding.

We went with Charlie Brown because I knew it mostly consisted of normal clothes, so it was very functional. Plus we have always joked about his round head reminding us of the cartoon character!

Where did you get all your materials?

Most of the costumes consisted of normal clothing that I found at basic stores like Walmart and Target. I picked up the last couple odds and ends (feathers and fabric paint) at Michaels craft store.

How did you save costs?

I saved costs by painting the zig-zag t-shirt myself. I was surprised to find how expensive it was to buy it ready made. A bottle of fabric paint is only a few dollars!

How long did the costumes take to make?

I would say I didn’t spend longer than 30 minutes altogether.

Can you describe the steps you took to make the costumes?

I took a plain yellow shirt in my son’s size and laid it out on the counter. I used a bottle of fabric paint and drew the zig-zag. I had to let it dry then flipped it over to repeat it on the back.

After dressing him in the shirt and pants (if it had been warmer, I would have put him in brown shorts more like the character wears) I used a black eyeliner pencil to draw the cartoon hairline on his forehead.

For my costume as Charlie Brown’s pal Woodstock, I put on a yellow shirt and used hair ties to bundle my hair in a faux mohawk. Then I stuck yellow feathers into my hair to mimic the cartoon bird’s spiked feather coif. I added a little yellow makeup around my eyes for fun.

For my husband’s outfit as Snoopy, I put him in a white shirt. Then I cut ears and a collar out of five cent pieces of black felt. I attached the ears with safety pins to a white baseball hat and wrapped the strip around his neck for a collar. I used white face paint and black eyeliner to give him some cartoon doggie features.

Was it less expensive than buying a costume?

This was definitely less expensive than buying costume, plus almost everything was reusable. He looked very cute in his Charlie Brown t-shirt months later.

I didn’t want to spend a lot on this Halloween since he was so little and would only be going to one or two houses. It was more for us than him at this point, of course.


What a fun family costume! I can’t wait to see what they do this year!



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  1. This is such a cute idea, and a great way to include the whole family!

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