Halloween DIY: Queen of Hearts Family

The Disney movie Alice in Wonderland was a smash hit in 1951 when it was released. Now, 62 years later, it still captures the hearts of little (and not so little) girls all over the world. Mama Say What?! mama Sarah did a wonderful job turning her sweet little Georgia into the Queen of Hearts.

How did you decide what costume to give Georgia?

My favorite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland; it has been since I was a small child. When Georgia came into our lives, her daddy started calling her his princess and me his Queen. It caught on, and one day I said to him (before Halloween was even a thought), “You know, she is the Queen of Hearts! Everyone loves her so much.” It kind of stuck! So when Halloween came around it was clear to me she’d be the Queen of Hearts!

I saw a picture on Pinterest of a DIY costume and decided that I could make that for her. So started the journey of the Queen of Hearts and turning Brandon and I into her henchmen.

Where did you get all your materials?

I was lucky, the materials I needed were all very easily accessible. I bought the top of her dress off of eBay (it is actually two thick 6” crocheted headbands sewn together), the tulle from Fabricland and the hearts on the dress and the crown were made from sheets of sticky sparkly paper from Michaels. I attached an elastic headband piece to the crown… and voila!

The letters on our shirts were also made from that same sparkly paper and our gauntlets were actually tin foil!

How did you save costs?

I saved costs mainly by doing the costume myself. I could have bought this costume online, or something similar to it, for around $50 - $60 but I just didn’t want to spend that much! I also saved because I have a discount card at Fabricland so that cut my cost by about 40% for the tulle.

How long did the costumes take to make? 

Georgia’s costume definitely took some time; I want to say maybe like five hours total. I worked on it mostly when she napped and after she went to bed.

Can you describe the steps you took to make the costumes?

Once I received the crochet headbands from the eBay vendor, I took the red and black ones and started the process of combining them. I cut them each at one seam and then sewed the seams back together to create the dual colored chest piece. This was actually pretty easy. I sewed it by hand and it fit Georgia perfectly!

Once the top was completed, I measured Georgia from her upper chest to the floor to see how long I should make the strips of tulle. After the measurements were final, I cut the tulle so it was double that length and I folded it in half. What that did was give me the U-shaped loop at the top.

I then cut the tulle into 3” wide strips. This gave me one long piece of material that I was able to loop through the crochet headband. I took the top piece, the loop, and put it beside one of the holes in the crochet and took the ends of the tool and threaded it through the loop. It’s best to have the loop of tulle in the front of the crochet headband and thread the ends of the tulle from behind, it makes the skirt fluffier.

I knew I needed an array of colors in different locations in the design so I did my best to do one color at a time and clump them together to look similar to my inspiration picture.

Once I threaded all of the tulle on, I cut small piece to make into sleeves, since I knew Georgia wouldn’t be sporting a strapless dress for very long. I then cut out the hearts from the sparkly paper and stuck them to the front of the dress. Since the paper was a sticker backed type paper, I didn’t use anything more to make them stick to the dress.

Lastly, the crown was made from the sparkly paper, except in gold, and I glued the ends together to make it a circle and sewed an elastic headband to it so it would easily stay on Georgia’s head!

For us, we wore all black and I cut the “A” and “K” letters and hearts out of the sparkly paper to stick to our shirts. Once those were on, we wrapped tin foil around our wrists for gauntlets and we were ready to go!

Was it less expensive than buying a costume?

Absolutely! I cut the cost easily by 60% or more making it myself. I’ll be DIYing again this year!

3 Responses to Halloween DIY: Queen of Hearts Family

  1. she is so cute! loved how her costume turned out!

  2. This is so cute! May have to do this next year with DD as the queen and DS as the Mad Hatter.

  3. I love love love her costume, but she really outshines you two.

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