Happy Valentine’s Day

Check out how some of the Mama Say What?! mamas make Valentine’s Day special for their little ones:

  • The first year Brody celebrated a Valentine’s Day, he was only two months old, so of course I bought him a cute outfit and we had a mini-photo shoot in our living room! Last year, when he was one, I don’t believe we did anything! This year now that he’s two, I know he still won’t really understand it, but I have a Valentine’s Day book for him (he LOVES to read) and I’ll probably get him a small toy of some sort. ~Mary Ellen M.
  • Last year, C was only three weeks old so I’m excited to spoil her a little this year. And now that she’s in daycare, I think we’ll put something together for her to take to the other kids there.  ~Kathy S.
  • Last year, Anna was almost eight months old, so we didn’t do a whole lot except make a card for her daddy. We will probably do the same thing this year. For Anna, I will likely make her some gingerbread men, because she LOVES them! As she gets older I am sure we will do more. I definitely remember looking forward to Valentine’s Day as a kid, so I want her to have those happy memories too. It doesn’t need to be super commercialized; homemade and from the heart is great! ~Jessica S.
  • With our kids being young (Emma is two years and Matt is two months old) we haven’t really established any special traditions. For the past two years I have gotten Emma a cute Valentine’s Day outfit and taken pictures. This year I got one for each kid and will hopefully do a photo shoot, as long as they cooperate!!! I hope to start something in the future when they have a better understanding, just to make it fun… it just hasn’t happened yet. ~Sam A.
  • I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day since my birthday is February 15th, but we do like to do something small for the girls… normally a card and a small toy depending on the child. ~Miriam R. 
  • Last year, C was only five months old, but she and I made a Valentine for her daddy. This year, she got to pick out a special Valentine’s Day outfit from the store to wear on Valentine’s Day. We colored some cards for friends and C’s grandparents and sent out a cute Valentine’s Day photo. We’ll probably make another card for her daddy this year, and maybe celebrate by eating a piece of chocolate after dinner. ~Cassie W. 
  • We keep it pretty simple but I like to do a few little things. I always get Alexis a card and a little something. Alexis made cards this year for our loved ones to brighten their day. I can’t wait until she is in school and we get to hand out Valentines.  I think it will be a lot of fun. ~Christy A. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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