Heather’s Simple and Sweet Shower

This baby shower interview really touched my heart. You can feel the love that Mama Say What?! reader Heather and her family have for one another.

The shower was put on by Heather’s twin sister to reflect the nursery that Heather had set up for her soon-to-be little girl. I love the touches of color and the rustic feel.

The whole shower was put together in such a way that it screams style and sophistication without going overboard.

Thank you for sharing this precious moment in your life with us Heather, I really enjoyed putting this article together for all of our readers.

Who threw your baby shower for you?

My twin sister threw my shower for me. As always, she was amazing and thought of everything. I didn’t have to do anything but figure out what to wear that would be slimming.

Was the shower co-ed or ladies only? Why did you decide to go that way?

Our shower was co-ed as we have a small family and wanted everyone to be able to celebrate with us. My father became a proud papa the moment he heard we were expecting and wanted to be included. We couldn’t say no to a proud papa bear!

How far along were you? Did you know the gender? Did that make a difference in the theme?

I was 35 weeks along when the shower was held on a beautiful May day.

By the time of the shower, everyone knew that we were expecting a girl and that her name was Audrey Laine. I’d had the name picked out since eighth grade when I did a biography on and fell in love with Audrey Hepburn.

Audrey shares her middle name with my sister. The theme for the shower was based on her nursery — owls, nests, aqua and brown. I didn’t want too much of a theme or any cartoon characters, I just wanted something simple, sweet and a little rustic.

My sister did all of the decorations herself. She used twine, book pages, burlap, canvas and aqua paper products to decorate our home and porch. I loved the natural elements she chose.

She made personalized thank you tags attached to small bags of birdseed as favors for the guests.

What was your favorite game that you played at the shower?

We did not play any games at the shower. My girlfriend made two pillows — one in aqua and one brown that were raffled off to guests.

What was your favorite element of the shower?

My favorite element of the day was that I was surrounded by all of my family and friends. It was a celebration of our marriage and the fruits of that strong union.

The day of my shower will always be extremely bittersweet. My grandmother spent the day with us, enjoying sweet treats, chatting with her family and talking about Audrey’s future. She passed away on the car ride home from my shower, holding my grandfather’s hand. She simply went to sleep peacefully. I have to believe she felt loved and knew that her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would have beautiful and long lives.

What did you buy your hostess as a thank you gift?

I can’t remember! I’ll call my sister to find out.

If you were to throw a baby shower for your friend or relative, what is one thing that you would use from the shower that you attended?

I would keep the focus of the shower on celebrating the new life that is about to join the world.

While I adored the decorations, the delicious food and all the other details that made it a fantastic party, it is the words of wisdom from a grandmother ready to move on, the well wishes from friends, the support of other parents and the pride in a papa’s voice as he dreams of his granddaughter’s eyes and voice that make the day memorable.

That feeling of anticipation and hope is what I would try to duplicate at every shower from now on.

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  1. such a beautiful shower!!

  2. What an amazing shower!!

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