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Since becoming a mama, my days have become much busier and more complex. Although I am blessed to be a SAHM, I still play the part of manager, accountant, chef, teacher, social media expert (hey, someone needs to send baby pics to the grandparents!), and cuddler-in-chief. Over the past (almost) two years, I’ve refined how I manage our home so that it runs smoother and so I am less stressed. Because, in all honesty, clutter and stuff stresses me out.

Hubby and I never need to ask “wait, did you pay the internet bill this month?” or “is the dishwasher clean or dirty?” (just kidding. He still asks that every evening).

Here are some of the ways I make our home run a little smoother each day.

  • I created a Bill Binder.  In one quick glance, I can see the history dates paid, and cost of all our monthly bills (this is our BIGGEST lifesaver).
  • The sink is (almost) always empty. The dishwasher is run at night, emptied in the morning, and loaded throughout the day.
  • Toys are picked up each evening (and at naptime). Keeping clutter to a minimum is my goal!

  • I use morning naptime to shower, pay bills, and prep dinner; all tasks that are both quiet and quick. And then I RELAX. Since E is still an only child, I totally take advantage of her sleeping to do a bible study, catch up with friends or take a nap.
  • We have a daily schedule with set- yet flexible- times. It’s not written down, but the ebb and flow of our days are very regular.
  • I do laundry every other day. It’s a personal preference, but I’d rather do one medium load a few times a week than five or six on the same day only once a week.

  • Along the same line, dirty clothes all go in to one hamper. Our family of three all shares a hamper, which makes laundry day that much simpler on my mommy-brain.
  • I keep our family calendar synced to hubby and my smartphones (via the Cozi app), and I just purchased a big calendar from Alex Tebow Designs to hang in the kitchen.

What are your tips and tricks to help your home run smoothly?

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  1. I like the Bill Binder idea, I might have to make one of my own to keep track of the budget. I can spend a lot of time going through and balancing personal and farm accounts.

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