It’s Really 10 Months Book Review and Giveaway

I had the pleasure of reviewing It’s Really 10 Months: Delivering the truth about the glow of pregnancy and other blatant lies. The book is a true story of three women who correspond via e-mail for almost the entire length of their pregnancies (from May until the due dates in August, September, and October). I approached reading 10 Months as a humorous anecdote rather than a factual and medical piece. That being said, Dr. Robert Bonebrake AKA “Dr. Bob” is the book’s expert, and often interjects witty and helpful explanations about the various topics our three main characters are discussing

10 Months is a great book to give to your “woohoo I’m pregnant and I loved it despite the never-ending morning sickness” friend, as opposed to the “worry wart/negative self-image” friend. But for the relaxed, realistic, first-time mom who wants a basic overview of her pregnancy-to-come, this book is great! This book is also wonderful for a mama who desires a typical American hospital birth situation (using an OB, fine with an episiotomy versus tearing naturally, not wanting a VBAC, etc).  

Throughout the duration of the book, there were many times I was convinced I was reading my own texts to a friend who is due the same week. The mamas-to-be write to one another in such a candid and open way, despite the lingering negativity of the emails. While I do wish the book was more medically informative and up-beat, I also understand the need for 100% realism about the “stuff no one talks about”; the pain that lingers as your hips begin to spread, how huge your nipples get towards the end (and after!), and how, at some point, getting waxed just needs to happen (can I get an amen!?)!

A big focus of the ladies’ chatter is based around weight gain and stretch marks. While it can be a daunting aspect of pregnancy, neither thing should be feared. It’s medically necessary to gain weight at an even and healthy pace and well, stretch marks can happen! Breastfeeding was briefly talked about, but being uncomfortable and getting hemorrhoids were covered much more in depth.

As a pro-breastmilk mama I was disappointed in the lack of useful information presented (all mamas seemed very ‘pro-pump and let someone else feed the baby’, which saddened me), though a one-line shout out to the Le Leche League was given later on in the book.

One wonderful section talked about what many, many mamas (including myself!) experience but few say out loud- you might not bond with your newborn the second she is placed in your arms. It might take minutes, weeks, months, or longer! Despite growing, loving, and birthing the sweet baby that you were just handed, he or she is still a new human being that needs to be learned and bonded with.

Of course, for this sappy and pregnant mama, the birth stories were my favorite parts. It’s always cool to read how other mamas brought their babies into the world, and relate to different aspects of their stories.

It’s Really 10 Months would like to spread their love to one of our MSW readers with a book giveaway! Yes, you can own your very own copy of this witty and real book. Keep it for yourself or give it to a friend that’s expecting. Enter below and good luck! 

Winner must complete first three entries to qualify. Winner must be 18 years of age or older and can reside worldwide. Contest begins on Wednesday, January 14th and ends on Tuesday, January 20th 11:59 PST. Winner must confirm within 48 hours or else another winner will be chosen. Please check your inbox or spam folder for an email from [email protected] 

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6 Responses to It’s Really 10 Months Book Review and Giveaway

  1. My oldest made his appearance at 37w 4d. My youngest at 38w 6d.

  2. My oldest was induced at 40 weeks and 1 day; my youngest came on his own at 40 weeks and 3 days

  3. 40 weeks

  4. I was full term with all three of mine.

  5. I was 40 weeks+3 days when my daughter was born.

  6. 40 weeks 5 days with #1. We’ll see what #2 has planned!

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