Jamberry Nail Wraps Review and a Giveaway!

If you’re a mama on a budget (like me!), then you’re always looking for ways to save money without sacrificing the little indulgences that make things a little more fun. One thing that comes to mind is getting your nails done. Manicures typically last a day or two before chipping, or if you’re unlucky like me, until you reach into your purse for your car keys. There’s a salon near me that charges $12 for a manicure and $20 for a pedicure in the dead of winter when you’re not showing your toes anyways. As soon as March 1st hits, the price goes up to $25.

I was fortunate to work with Rachael from Jamberry Nails for our latest review and giveaway. If you haven’t heard of Jamberry, you might be hiding under a rock they’re a company born from three sisters spending a fortune at the nail salon who vowed to make getting your nails polished and pretty much more affordable. Jamberry launched in 2010 and I don’t think they’ll be disappearing anytime soon.

When you order from Jamberry, you’re ordering a sheet of nail wraps that you can use to give yourself an in-home manicure or pedicure. The nail wraps are essentially like stickers that are glued onto your nails. Each nail sheet comes with 18 nail wraps that vary in size. 18 wraps is more than enough to complete two to three manicures and/or pedicures and possibly more. Each wrap can be used on at least two nails, depending on your length and size. A manicure can last two weeks and pedicure can last four weeks. They don’t chip or peel if they’re applied correctly.

Rachel sent me a sheet of wraps that were sea-foam green chevron and so adorable!

I sat down one night in front of the TV after the kiddos were asleep and had some fun applying my first “Jamicure” on my toes. After making sure the old polish was gone, I trimmed my nails and pushed the cuticles back. I peeled a wrap off of the plastic sheet using my fingernail and then laid it over a toothpick. I didn’t want any oil or dirt on my hands to get on the wrap and interfere with them sticking on my toes.

To make them more pliable and easier to lay on my nails, I heated them with a hair dryer for a few seconds. I then put it on my toenail and smoothed it down with my fingers. I trimmed it with scissors and heated it for a few more seconds until it was completely stuck on. Voila! One nail down, nine to go.

Applying the nails was simple and definitely gets easier the more you do it. The second foot I did looks nicer than the first. For a complete set of step-by-step directions on how to apply them, see Jamberry’s site.

My nails have been on for more than two weeks and they still look great. I had to replace the two pinkie toes already but I know it’s because they are so small and I have a lot of bumps on my pinkie toe nails, so it’s harder for them to lay flat. I only wish the weather was warmer so I could show them off! I’ll definitely be able to get another application out of the wraps I have left and will try a manicure next.

Cassie tried the Jamberry Juniors on her 2.5-year-old, C and this is what she had to say about them:

The Jamberry Juniors designs are fabulous. They’re really cute and suitable for little ones.

Rachael sent us a pink wrap with little black hearts. However, because you must apply heat to your nails, my daughter got a little upset. She didn’t want the hair dryer pointed on her nails and she wasn’t patient enough to use a nail dryer. So I applied as much heat as I could without getting her upset, but it wasn’t enough to make them adhere properly. As a result, they only lasted a few hours before they started falling off one by one.

I think an older child with more patience might do better with this step.

The fit was also not perfect. I was told Jamberry Juniors will fit an average 8 year old’s nails, so I thought they’d fit C’s toes just fine. Plus, that’d be easier than putting the wraps on her fingers since it does take some time. While I love that you’re able to cut them down to fit the length of your nail, the widest wrap wasn’t wide enough for her big toe nail. So they were a little mis-shapen.

Luckily, a two-year-old doesn’t mind much and she loved the way they looked. And I have to admit, they were very cute! Even though it was the middle of winter, C was excited to take her socks off and show her toes to everyone who would look.

As a deal for our MSW readers, Rachel from Jamberry is generously giving away TWO sheets of nail wraps, along with cuticle oil and an application set. Enter below for some seriously cute manicures and pedicures that will last for weeks! Good luck!

Must complete first three entries to qualify to win. Winner must be 18 years of age or older. Winner must reside in the US or Canada. Jamberry will ship to APO/FPO addresses for military mamas. Contest begins March 19th and ends on March 25th at 11: 59 PST.

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  1. I just discovered jamberry and got the music sheet wraps with a red accent for my ring finger. I love it!!!

  2. These are the best and so is Rachael! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Black & White Horizontal Stripe and Silver Floral on Magenta are definitely on the top of my list!

  4. <3 the Candy Scallops and Fireworks!

  5. Looks so fun & summery!! I can’t wait to try!!

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  7. lotus & midnight celebration

  8. Hi! What a cool site! I would choose the Black Floral & Ditsy Floral. Thank-you!

  9. I like the IMPACT MOON

  10. birds of a feather & beauty in bloom!

  11. I’ve seen them in Person, and they’re super adorable! I’d love to try a set for myself!

  12. I commented before reading the instructions :/ They’re all so awesome, but I would choose Patriot and Confetti Cake.

  13. Christina Strapp Reply


  14. I love the Punchy Puff and mint chevron Wrapps!!

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