Jewelry Armoire Makeover

One day, I decided I needed a little armoire to hold my jewelry because the belt rack I had my necklaces hanging on just wasn’t working anymore. My toddler enjoys pulling them down, and everyday I would find a new set of beads and broken necklace pieces scattered around my closet floor.

You’ve gotta love Craigslist! I found this beauty for a steal, and knew right away that a painting makeover was in store. I just loved the legs and all the curves this piece had.

I decided I was going to try out some DIY chalk paint, since I didn’t want to bother with sanding this entire thing down.

I had an old can of white paint that I mixed with some tile grout and went to town on the armoire (after removing all the hardware of course).

I was amazed at how well the paint stuck to the smooth surface without any sanding, but obviously one coat wasn’t going to cut it. 

I did use a small sanding block in between coats to ensure a smooth surface. After two coats, I was satisfied with the coverage and decided to use a little bit of dark wax to make the edges and grooves ‘pop’ out a bit.

I got a VERY SMALL amount on my dry paint brush and dabbed it on the corners and edges. If I got too much anywhere, I just used a towel with some clear wax on it to wipe it off and start again. I also scuffed up the corners of the legs with a sanding block to add a little bit more of an effect to them.

To finish it off, I brushed on two coats of clear Polyacryclic. I had a big can of semi-gloss sitting in the garage, so I just used that. I wished I wouldn’t have used a glossy top-coat because it made it a little too shiny for my liking, but oh well. It still works!

For the hardware, I spray painted it all with an oil rubbed bronze and screwed everything back together.

I have to say, the only time consuming part was un-scrwewing and then screwing back on all the hardware. Very tedious, but it had to be done!  

And this is the final product!

Perfect for either my bathroom or bedroom— not sure where I will keep it just yet! I guess we will have to see where my son is least likely to get to it now!  

3 Responses to Jewelry Armoire Makeover

  1. I love this jewelry armoire! I’m getting ready to re-do my own! Did you use the Annie Sloan dark wax? Or another brand?

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I actually used a brand called Fiddes and Sons. The color is called Jacobean. I believe It is probably very similar to the Annie Sloan dark wax, although I have never used it.

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