Kailey’s “Whoo’s Having a Girl” Shower

Who wouldn’t love a whimsical, owl-themed baby shower? After seeing my own “Look Whooo’s Having a Baby” shower come to fruition, I was thrilled to find out more about how this same theme came together for Kailey, who was having a girl. Her wonderful mama, Betty, threw her an absolutely gorgeous shower and Betty was a great target for an interview on her hostess prowess!

What inspired the theme of the baby shower?

At the time, the honoree was uberly obsessed with owls. It seemed only logical to use owls, and “Whoo’s Having a Little Girl?” was born.

Was the shower co-ed or ladies only?

Mostly ladies only, but the soon-to-be dad and his best bud were in attendance also.

Why did you decide to go that way?

Mama wanted daddy to experience the excitement of the shower, but space limited inviting other male attendees.

How far along was the mama-to-be?

She was about seven and half months preggers.

Did she know the gender?

Yes, baby girl, which tied in perfectly for the pink background of the printable files I found online.

Did that make a difference in the theme?

Not really, owls would work either way, but I would not have used the pink paper goods if it had been a boy. I likely would have gone with oranges and greens if it were for a boy, or if the couple was team green.

Did you work with any vendors?

I found “The Celebration Shoppe” and her “Owl Couple” printables. I purchased PDF files for place cards, cupcake wrappers and picks, straw slips, cello bag toppers and napkin rings. I used the napkin ring file to create the invitation. I’m not sure if that is legal or not, but I did it. I preferred to make my own wording on the invitation.)

What did you like about them?

l loved all the little details in the printables. And they were very quick to provide the products. I paid for the items and within hours, the files and how-to instructions were in my inbox.

What was your favorite game that you had at the shower?

Since we were tight on space, I needed games in which people could participate from their chairs. We had three games, each using the paper/pencils provided to each guest.

My favorite though, was baby trivia. I searched online and used eight multiple choice questions. A few of the questions were particular to our shower such as, “What are the colors in B’s nursery?” and, “What is B’s due date?”

By the time we played the games, the answers to these questions had already been shared, so it was fun seeing who had paid attention to mama talking during the party. The following question created the most buzz among the group:  How heavy was the heaviest baby ever born?
A. 15 pounds five ounces
B. 21 pounds four ounces
C. 23 pounds 12 ounces
D. 26 pounds two ounces
(the correct answer is C. 23 lbs 12 oz. – yikes!). 

Tell me about the details… did you have favors?

I’m all about the details when it comes to a party so I capitalized on all of the owl printables.

I obviously used the cupcake picks and wrappers for the cupcakes, as well as the napkin rings on the table, but I took it even further. I used the cupcake topper file to create streamers along with circle punches of pink or brown (the shower colors) card stock, spacing the owl items and circles at random heights along the twine I used. I hung these from the window frames, from the light fixtures, from the ceiling fan.

I scattered cupcake toppers and small pink circle confetti across the food table so owls were everywhere!

I even used one of the files to add the owl graphic to the trivia game too.

I created a diaper cake using pink and brown so I could use it as the centerpiece (which also was a game – how many diapers were needed to make it?).

I used the straw slip file to make paper chains to string on the diaper cake.

I made a little owl stuffed animal which can be used as the baby’s tooth fairy pillow and included it as a decoration on the cake.

For favors, I like people to feel pampered so I made “bath bomb” cupcakes using a recipe I found online. I colored the “icing” dark pink and the “cake” pale pink to coordinate with the theme, and I placed them in cellophane bags atop shredded brown filler. The cellophane bag topper thanked them for coming. The file itself just said thank you, but I added a verse to the reverse of the topper appreciating the attendees for sharing in such a monumental time in the soon-to-be-parents lives.

What kind of food did you serve?

I discussed food with the honoree so we could have her choices. After all, when you are pregnant, you really do have a few cravings. So we had lots of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and crackers, and she wanted to make the cupcakes herself. And even though we had cupcakes, we HAD to have chocolate fondue with fruits, cookies and marshmallows. Remember those cravings I mentioned?

What kind of advice can you give to our Mama Say What?! readers that are planning a shower for their friend or relative?

Take time to think about what is most important to the honoree(s). Not everyone enjoys being in the spotlight, but it really is their time to be doted upon, so find a way to make them comfortable. Talk with them to determine what they have in mind. Sometimes people have no idea what is entailed with a shower, so you may have to educate along the way too. The most important thing is to make them feel loved.

Also, think outside the box when it comes to decorating. Using the files to create items other than their original intention allowed for a cohesively themed shower. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometimes ideas work, and sometimes you will need to revamp before you can use them.

And when it comes time for the shower, enjoy yourself too. You put in many hours of work to get to the fun stuff, so you deserve to enjoy the party too!

If you don’t mind sharing, could you let us know with one of the following budget indicators how much the party cost?

As for cost, remember this was my baby girl, so I spent more money than probably necessary. The diaper cake alone was between $75 and $100 because of all the little trinkets on it. If you are on a budget, you could scale this decoration back big time and accomplish the same effect without the added expense.

$- 0-150
$$- 151-300
$$$- 301- 450
$$$$- 401-600
$$$$$ -601+

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  1. this is such a cute shower! Great job Grandma :)

  2. super cute shower! love the owl theme!

  3. I just had an owl themed shower for my daughter and it was so adorable. These ideas are really cute!

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