Kids Say What?!

We all love the hilarious and nonsensical phrases that come out of the mouths our children. A lot of what our kids say comes from their close observation of what we say, what they hear on the radio, or see on television. In some cases, we have absolutely no idea where it comes from! Periodically, we ask the mamas here at MSW to share what their kids are saying. Kids Say What?!

Have a few smiles on us today!

Alex’s 2.5 year old, TJ:

When driving past a hospital…
TJ: Mommy, what’s that?
Alex: It’s a hospital. A lot of doctors and nurses work there and if you are really sick or have a really big owie, they can help you feel better.
TJ: I is sick, we need to go there.
Alex: Really? What makes you think you’re sick?
TJ: I has lots of boogies in mine nose!

Sarah’s 2 year old, Gia:

Sarah: Georgia, I like your hair!
Gia: Thank you.
Sarah: Do you like my hair?
Gia: Ummm, no.
Sarah: Well, this just got awkward.
Gia: Ya… awkward!

Jessica’s 2 year old, Anna:

Our one cat is named Chedda. I call him “Chedda Burger” because of the Dave Chappelle skit. Well, Anna walked up to him and said, “I love you Chedda Burger.”

Bonnie’s 4 year old Anna:

Anna: Mommy, wouldn’t it be cool if you died and I went to live with Grandma?
Bonnie: You know grandma was a meaner mom than I am. Where do you think I got my meanness? She may be fun for a day, but she’s pretty bad ass.
Anna: Oh, never mind then.

Miriam’s 6 year old Ryleigh:

“Mom, before we were born, a long time ago, they didn’t have electricity and everyone was in black and white.”

Cassie’s 2 year old C:

We were talking yesterday about going to the petting zoo.

Daddy: What’s your favorite animal?
C: Favorite animal…. Elmo.
Daddy: Elmo isn’t an animal!
C: Hmmm… Kitties.

Denise’s 2 year old Ava:

Ava’s morning conversation: “Mommy, don’t want to wear clothes anymore. I can’t!”

Bonnie’s 4 year old Anna:

To her pregnant mama: “You’re looking kind of funny. Like kinda fat. But I shouldn’t tell you that. Sorry.”

Alex’s 3 year old TJ:

Alex: What should we grow in the backyard this summer?
TJ: Hmmm… strawberries and tomatoes (pronounced to-MAH-toes)
Alex: That’s it?
TJ: (looking at Daddy ): Daddy, what do you want to grow in the backyard?
Daddy: Bacon
TJ: Silly Daddy! We don’t have the right kind of dirt to grow bacon!

Sarah’s 2 year old Gia:

**watching a cute mom video that made Sarah cry**
Gia: Are you cryin’?
Sarah: I am, but I’m not sad. This movie just reminds me of you!
Gia: Oh! No cryin’ mommy! You wanna cuddle?
Sarah: Yes, I wanna cuddle!

Image by Cari Hollis Photography

Check back for more Kids Say What?! in the coming months… because kids are ALWAYS talking!

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  1. these are awesome!

    N has a new one… “Awww, don’t worry about it.”

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