Kieran’s Colorful and Budget Friendly Nursery

How did you decide what theme or style you wanted for the room?

We (okay, only me – the husband didn’t care in the least!) didn’t really know what kind of theme or style to go with. I was about five months pregnant around Thanksgiving when I came across a Black Friday deal on JCPenney’s website and found an adorable bedding set for less $60. With our older son, we didn’t get a bedding set, just a few sheets, a bumper and dust ruffle. But this bedding was just so bright and cheery and I LOVE polka dots. I also had a gift card which brought the cost to less $30. I fell in love with the bright colors and our “theme” came to life: primary colors.


How did you bring it all together? Inspiration boards, Pinterest, all in your head?

It came together mostly in my head… I consider myself a little crafty and had fun with a couple of DIY projects, including painting the dresser and making the mobile over our little guy’s changing table. I searched Pinterest for some mobile ideas and found one that I loved and thought I could do, with a few adjustments. You can read here about how I made the mobile.

What are the main colors?

I tried to keep things bright and colorful. I love red, but wasn’t feeling that daring for the walls. My husband painted the room a light blue and I decided to be bold and paint the dresser a bright red. I tied the colors together with red black-out curtains and also some other accents in red, like wooden letters spelling his name, parts of the mobile and his laundry basket.


Where did you find the key elements and fun details?

I tried to DIY the wooden letters to make his name using scrapbook paper, but they turned out horribly! I know it was because my X-Acto knife was dull, but at 37 weeks pregnant, I decided to just pay for someone else to make them for me instead of buying all of the materials and trying again! I ordered them through an Etsy shop called LetterDepot and I love the way they turned out! They have several different sized letters with different fonts to choose from. I picked red for the paint and yellow for the ribbon. Bright and cheery, right?

I love the changing pad cover too – bright and polka dots! That was a $1 find from a garage sale.

As mentioned above, I DIYed his mobile and hung it over the changing table. It was so easy and cost under $5 to make! I love that our little guy’s room has some personal touches from his mama.


I am also in love with the canvases that my sister-in-law made for his room. She bought four different patterns of fabric and covered canvas boards with one of each. She used buttons spell out the K’s initial and sticky paper to spell out his name. I love the way they turned out!

A friend of mine who is WAY more crafty than me gave us the subway art board as a baby gift. I love it! It displays his name and birth stats in the colors to match his room. Such a sweet and thoughtful gift.

How did you keep your room budget-friendly?

I am definitely a thrifty mama (okay, honestly I’m cheap) so this was easy for me. I am also blessed with very generous family members that contributed bits and pieces to Kieran’s room. My grandparents purchased the crib and mattress for us (the very budget friendly Graco Lauren in Espresso finish).


I picked the dresser up off of the side of the road about a year and a half ago (for free!) and have been saving it in our basement. The red paint for the dresser was only $8.

I also tend to save gift cards that I’m given for special occasions… like this! I used gift cards to pay for some of the bedding (JC Penney’s), extra sheets (Target and Sears), curtains (Walmart) and the bookcase (Target).

The glider chair was another steal – we got it off of Craigslist for $25! I love it. It’s so comfy and great for those long nursing sessions at 3 a.m.

The lamp was a clearance find from the Christmas Tree Shop – it was only $10! I love the colors and the stripes. Stripes are my second love (second only to polka dots).

What do you love most about the room?

I’m torn between the canvases that my sister-in-law made and the scrapbook paper mobile that I made! But most of all, I just love how I smile whenever I walk into the room because I know how much time, love and thought went into putting everything together.


Images by Sara Bonaquisti

Did your husband or partner give any input on the room? If so, what?

Haha… um, not really. My husband is quite a guy, but he knows how much I love designing and crafting, so he left it to me. He painted the walls and I ran a few things by him, which he happily okayed.

Any tips for mamas on how to make their dream nursery a reality?

Think about what’s really important to you and focus on those things. I don’t care for things that are crazy expensive and certainly don’t need things to be perfect. I have a two year old at home and my time to plan and decorate a nursery this time around was significantly less than the time we had to plan his room. I picked a few things that were important to me and focused on those things.

I didn’t “need” a brand new $500 rocking chair (who does?) and was happy to get a used one for a fraction of the cost, even if it’s not pristine. Considering how long our little ones will use things, it seems silly to pay full price. I certainly could have (and probably should have) put three coats of paint on the dresser instead of two, but oh well! The two coats give it a marble/retro look. And my $8 can of paint might not have stretched to include another coat of paint. I could have bought all of the materials to make his name from letters again, but after one failed attempt, I decided to save my time and spend the extra $10 to have someone make them and ship them to me.

Overall, I love my little guy’s room. It’s bright and cozy for him and I hope he’ll enjoy sleeping, reading and playing in there for years to come.

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  1. Looks so amazing! I love the red dresser.

  2. I love it! I love the stripes and the bright colors and the bright red dresser!! Great job mama!

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