Kissaluvs Cloth Diapers Review and Giveaway!

I was sent a Kissaluvs Marvels all-in-one (AIO) one-size diaper and a Kissaluvs Marvels AIO newborn-size diaper for review. I also received Kissaluvs cotton fleece fitted diapers in size 0 (newborn 5-15 lbs) and size M/L (15-40 lbs) as well as a Kissa’s one-size diaper cover for the fitteds.

The thing I love about all-in-one diapers is that they are easy peasy. Literally, if you can change a disposable diaper, you will have no problem changing an AIO cloth diaper. You don’t have to stuff it and you don’t have to touch any soiled parts; you just snap it on, the snap it off and throw it into the diaper pail.

The All-In-One Diapers

The one-size AIO diaper fits from 7-35 lbs. The one I have is a really nice shade of blue. Against the baby’s skin, the diaper is fleece and nice and soft. I was surprised and impressed at how dry the fleece stayed, keeping baby’s skin dry as well.

The diaper has three size settings with two rows of snaps. It also has cross-over snaps on the left wing. My daughter has a tiny little waist, so cross-over snaps usually come in handy to get a nice snug fit on her.

I love that this diaper is trim! It was not super bulky on my 24 lb daughter, as many AIOs are.

One of the cool features of this diaper is that the inner soaker is sewn in on only one side, so the agitation from the washing machine makes the diaper literally flip itself inside out to get the inside just as clean as the outside. The first time I took it out of the wash, I was confused and thought I had broken the diaper. But then I realized, I just had to put my hand inside and flip it back the right way. Voila— Impressive.

I line dry all my diapers— this diaper dried really quickly; just as quickly as my pocket diapers and faster than my other AIOs.

Because of an open pocket in the back of the diaper, you can insert an additional soaker if your baby is a heavy wetter. I always appreciate the option to add extra absorbency! We had no leaks with this diaper during daytime wear on my 19-month-old.

The newborn AIO diaper fits from 5-15 lbs. Mine is light yellow with a cream-colored inner.

Even though this diaper is sized, it has two rows of snaps to adjust for a good fit. Even on the tightest setting, though, there was still a bit of a gap around my son’s legs. I think this diaper might fit better on a chunkier baby than a skinny one. It was completely fine when I changed him after two hours, but I’m sure it would have leaked if I had left it on him longer.

My favorite feature about this diaper is that it has an umbilical cord snap-down. Although my son’s umbilical cord was gone already by the time I used this diaper on him, I still used the snap-down; it seems to get a tighter fit on my super skinny 6 lb baby.

I like that there is only one snap on each wing, it makes a diaper change easy and quick. Like the one-size diaper, this also dried very quickly on the line.

The Fitted Diapers

I don’t have very much experience with fitted diapers; my husband and I have always preferred to use diapers that don’t require the extra step of using a cover. However, we love both of these fitteds.

They’re made of unbleached cotton fleece and are so soft. A microfiber insert is sewn inside the diaper making them really absorbent.

The newborn size fitted diaper was literally a perfect fit on my 6 lb newborn. We used the fold-down snaps on the front of the diaper to put it on its smallest setting and to fit snugly around his skinny waist. This is the best fitting diaper I’ve used on my little one.

The M/L size fitted diaper is cute, with rainbow stitching around the edges. It fit well on my 24 lb daughter and we had no leaks while wearing it during the daytime.

We used the same Kissa’s one-size diaper cover over both fitted diapers. Though it’s designed to fit babies from 10-40 lbs, it did work as well for covering the newborn diaper.

The outside is cotton and the inside is waterproof PUL. The covers come in a variety of cute prints; we have the gecko print, which is black and brown and has colorful geckos all over.

The color of the snaps matches the color of the diaper’s trim, which makes the cover even cuter. It is easy to wipe clean so you don’t have to wash it in between each use, which is really nice.

My biggest complaint about this cover is how awkward it looks when it’s on. Yes, the print is cute and yes, the cover does it’s job, but it just didn’t look right on either child covering their fitted diapers. It stuck out in all the wrong places and made the previously trim-looking diaper look bulky instead. I think these amazing fitteds would be better paired with a different brand of diaper cover.

Congratulations to our two winners - Jennifer Scott and Sarah Stylishgirl - for winning our giveaway! Jennifer will be taking home the fitted diaper and Sarah will be the winner of the AIO. Thanks to all those that entered! Didn’t win this one? We have another one going on right now for a charcoal print - don’t forget to enter!

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  1. I am loving the picture of your big baby and your little baby side by side :) So cute!

  2. Me too! I love the pics of your little ones together!

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  4. I would love to win!

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