Learning Left and Right: Tricks and Tips!

“I can do it myself!” is a common phrase heard in our house. My three-year-old is very independent and often has to do things all alone. This includes, of course, getting dressed and putting on her shoes. She often put her shoes on backward and wouldn’t even notice that they felt funny.

So we came up with a trick: stickers!

C loves butterflies, so I went out and bought a pack of large-ish butterfly stickers. Butterflies are perfect for this project because they are symmetrical. We cut a butterfly in half straight down the middle and placed each half on each shoe of a pair.

When the shoes are laid out correctly, the pieces fit together to make a butterfly! When they’re laid on incorrectly, they don’t make a butterfly.


This simple trick has helped C learn to put her shoes on properly almost every time!

We’re also working on other ways to teach left and right. Surprisingly, the thing that has helped the most is the GPS in our car. She likes hearing it talk, and she takes notice of which way I drive when it tells me to “turn right” or “turn left.”

We talk about right and left when we’re getting dressed. I’ll mention to her which leg she’s putting in her pants first, for example. We also practice directions when taking our dog for a walk or when taking a bike ride in the neighborhood.

What has helped your child to learn left from right?

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  1. This is fantastic!! Such a simple way to help kids learn!

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