Liam’s Circus Themed First Birthday Party

When I was a child, I loved going to the circus. I enjoyed all of the fun colors, things to see and the circus food! The circus attracts people of all ages, so I think that it is a perfect birthday party theme.

Mama Say What?! mama Kim threw a wonderfully fun and colorful circus themed party for her son Liam’s first birthday. I am absolutely head-over-heels for this party and impressed by all the hard work that this busy mama put into this party to make it so super special for her son.

What inspired the theme of your child’s party?

I love elephants; Liam’s nursery was all elephants. So for his first birthday party, I felt a circus/carnival theme would be perfect! I wanted to mix it up a little, so I also included the other animals— even though there was an overabundance of elephants!

I wanted it to be bright and colorful, and it turned out just that way! I also wanted it to be not only fun for the children in attendance but the adults too. What adult doesn’t like carnival food—yummy hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy?

 What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

If I had to pick one, I would say I am proud of the candy buffet table. I loved how it turned out, it brought the whole theme together and it was the highlight of the party.

Did you work with any vendors? If so, who? And what did you like about them?

I had a photographer friend (Star Portraits) take cake smash photographs prior to the party. She is awesome and super sweet. I like that she has an imagination and also lets the subject do what he/she wants, it was very natural!

Image by Star Portraits

What was your favorite moment/part of the party?

My favorite moment was when Liam saw everything set up and 100% put together. His eyes grew big and he started clapping. It still makes me tear up, his expression was priceless.

What was your birthday boy’s favorite part?

Liam’s favorite part of the party was definitely eating— or should we say destroying— his birthday cake in front of everyone. I was worried he would be scared because of the large crowd staring at him, but he dug right in and made a total mess!

Can you give any advice to mamas that are planning a party for their little one?

If I had to give advice, I would say PLAN EARLY! People thought I was crazy when I started purchasing items ten months in advance! Okay, maybe I was a little. But I will also say I am glad I did. Let’s face it, we mamas are busy ALL THE TIME! Time gets away from us because we are so busy trying to capture every moment of our baby’s life.

I started to make the décor six months in advance and did little by little.

The dollar store is your best friend; I purchased a lot of my items there. But the day before the party, I was pleasantly relaxed because everything was completed!

Budget: $$$- I would say between $300 - $450. I cut costs by making everything myself, utilizing the dollar store, and shopping on Amazon for the bigger items needed. The food was simple so I bought at the wholesale club, and I made the cake and cupcakes for the guests.


Games: Oriental Trading Company

Popcorn Maker, Snow Cone & Cotton Candy Machine: all from Amazon

Décor Design: Dimpleprints on Etsy


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  1. Looks like such a wonderful party!

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