Lift and Look Book Review

My daughter loves books. She enjoys flipping through them, chewing on them, coloring in them (ugh!), lifting flaps and tearing them off.

I think most kids enjoy these things.

When we were gifted two Softplay Sesame Street Lift and Look books, she was very into Elmo and very into gumming everything.

They were a hit!

They are big, bright and durable. She loved pulling out all the pieces and of course chewing on them, and they, being foam, held up very nicely.

Now that she’s almost two and more aware of the whole reading process, she knows what words to listen for to cue her to lift a piece.

Sometimes when she’s just looking through the book herself, she’ll take out all the pieces and flip back through and put them back. so it’s like a book and puzzle all in one.

She’s had these books for more than a year and her interest in them has never wavered— she simply finds new ways to enjoy them. I am very glad that we have them and I recommend them to young readers.

Where I got it: Costco
How much I paid: They were gifts
Average price: $7.99-$15.99
Where it is available: Babies/Toys r Us, Costco, Walmart, Amazon and others

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  1. These look like excellent books! Thanks for the rec.

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