Líllébaby Carrier and a Giveaway!

I was so excited to have the opportunity to review the Líllébaby Complete Organic carrier in their toffee color recently for Mama Say What?! I have two other brands of soft-structured carriers (we’ll call them B and E), and the Líllébaby is by far my favorite, hands down! The first thing I noticed, upon opening the box, was how incredibly soft the material was. My other carriers have more of a stiff denim feel, whereas the Líllébaby Organic is as soft as a bed sheet.

As I read through the owner’s manual I was very pleased to see that the seat width is adjustable for infants. As mamas who have used other soft-structured carriers for their babies might remember, there is a point when the baby is no longer comfortable sitting in the fetal position, yet is still too small to sit facing the mama (or daddy!), simply because their legs can’t comfortably fit around their parents’ waist yet. The ability to narrow the seat allows the infant to sit facing in while their hips and femurs are being ergonomically supported. Proper hip and leg positioning is so important, and all of the Líllébaby carriers are designed with that in mind.

Líllébaby makes three types of carriers: the Complete Airflow, the Complete Organic, and the Complete Original.  All three have the same structure and functionality; the only difference is the fabric they are made out of.

The snap-down, buckle-up neck support provides upper back and neck support for older toddlers or babies with long torsos. It snaps down and out of the way when it’s not in use. It also provides a cozy support for breastfeeding on the go.

The waist belt is extra wide, which helps to distribute your little ones weight evenly over the wearers’ hips and back. There is an included lumbar support, which I personally found to be unnecessary. But though I truly think I would have used it as a new mama who was unaccustomed to baby wearing. 

The attached pad on the shoulder connecting straps is a luxury I didn’t know I was missing! When I switch between carriers, it’s a noticeable difference that the extra pad is missing. My upper back feels stress and fatigue much more quickly than any other part of my back, so I personally feel like the pad helps reduce fatigue while wearing my daughter.

When in the wide seat position, the seat of the carrier is about two inches wider than either of my other carriers, making the Líllébaby very toddler-friendly, yet still very comfortable for my petite 15 month old and tall but thin eight month old nephew. 

There are 17 carrier colors to choose from, with at least two color choices per type of carrier (Airflow, Original, and Organic), so you will be able to find a carrier that suits your style. Líllébaby also makes a number of accessories for their carriers, including foot stirrups (perfect for toddler wearing), a waist-belt extender, teething pads, and pink or blue carrier slipcovers.

After weeks of exclusively using my Líllébaby, my husband and I have found only one con: there is no ‘parent pocket’ to store your keys, cards, or phone. There are two tiny D-rings that could serve as a key-clip, though.

The Líllébaby Complete Organic carrier has turned in to my favorite carrier, and I’m looking forward to using it for years (and babies) to come! And because Mama Say What?! and Líllébaby know just how much our readers LOVE babywearing Líllébaby has generously contributed one Líllébaby Complete carrier for a lucky reader to win. Enter below and good luck!




Must complete first four entries to qualify to win. Must be 18 years of age or older. Contest open to residents of US and Canada. Contest begins on Wednesday, March 12th and ends on Tuesday, March 18th at 11:59 PDT.

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166 Responses to Líllébaby Carrier and a Giveaway!

  1. That looks adorable!! The only ssc I own is a mei tai, so this would be amazing!!! Awesome giveaway!! Thank you!!

  2. Cassandra Eastman Reply

    I would love the líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Original Designer Charcoal w/ Finch if I won!

  3. I love the organic in green meadow!!!!

  4. I think I would like the Airflow to keep Baby Bear cool in the coming summer months! (Can you tell I am sick of winter!?)

  5. i’d love the organic in blue moonlight!

  6. I would love Organic - Organic Designer Toffee w/Spice.

  7. I would love to have the organic lille baby carrier.

  8. I would choose the Organic in Blue Moonlight!

  9. I’d choose the airflow for the hot summer.

  10. I.would.love to win any of the organic carriers! I want to give this to my sister for her new baby boy

  11. Awesome giveaway!

  12. Organic -
    Green Meadow

  13. The Organic Green Meadow would be my choice. :)

  14. I would like to win the airflow grey/ silver carrier

  15. I guess I’m on the bandwagon because the organic green meadow is beautiful!

  16. I want the organic designer one with the crossable straps in the back

  17. Gotta have this carrier!!

  18. Angelica Almaguer Reply

    I would love the Airflow in Grey/Silver.

  19. I have only ever bought organic babywearing items but I really love the Original Designer in Charoal w/ Finch!

  20. Organic green meadow

  21. Given that I live in very hot and humid Florida I would LOVE the lillebaby airflow, and of course in always stylish black ;)

  22. i want the organic green meadow

  23. I’d like to win the airflow! I really want to use the Lillebaby with my baby girl who is 1 week old! :-)

  24. Airflow gray/silver

  25. I love the original in purple/pink or the organic in green.

  26. Great giveaway!

  27. Lillebabies are the best!

  28. I would love the airflow! I live in a very hot climate and it would be so handy!

  29. I would love any of the carriers, but if I had to choose I would pick the organic.

  30. Would love to win ANY of them! I’m not picky ;-)

  31. I would love the Original - Designer Black w/ Kimono Taupe.

  32. líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Original Designer Black w/ Kimono Taupe

  33. I’d love the Original - Designer Charcoal w/Finch

  34. The airflow for a hot Texas summer

  35. I would get the organic green with finch!

  36. Organic green meadow

  37. My little one loves to be carried on my back but I’m needing a carrier with more support than what I own currently. So this looks great & would be wonderful for hiking this summer. Plus my birthday is the 18th so winning this would just make my day. :)

  38. I think I’d choose the organic blue moonlight, but I’m kind of tempted by the cute prints too!

  39. I love the Organic Designer Toffee w/Lace

  40. I’ve always wanted one of these carriers. They cost so much to invest in then find out they just don’t work for me our baby. It’s nice to see such a thorough review!

  41. I like the líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Organic Designer Toffee w/ Lace

  42. I would love to win the Organic in blue moonlight or green meadow!

  43. I’m so excited to try out this carrier after reading great reviews!! I have a 4 month old who loves when i place him in my wrap, but it would be a little more convenient with a carrier. He its a hot box especially when he sleeps so i really want to try the air flow carrier

  44. I love the organic toffee w lace

  45. I love that you can wear your baby in so many different positions with one carrier! I would choose the Original warm orange/cream or the Airflow in silver.

  46. I am pregnant with my first and this would be great to add to my list of things already bought/received!

  47. I would love to win the complete airflow carrier in black. I live where its warm more of the year so some air flow would be so nice. my baby gets hot and sweaty in the carrier we have now. It would also great for hiking.

  48. I’d get organic toffee with spice!

  49. I love the Organic designer series :)

  50. How awesome to host a giveaway! Good luck to all! We are traveling overseas next month with our daughter who will be 4 months old. Could really use this carriet for the trip!!!!

  51. Airflow or original

  52. Definitely choose the organic designer toffee with lace

  53. Would LOVE a lilliebaby organic carrier so I can carry my 2 month old and my husband can carry the 2 year old. He gets jealous when sister get to go for “rides” and he doesn’t.

  54. I have another brand carrier also but I would love to this one out. It looks so nice and like they thought of everything.

  55. I forgot to add in my excitement I would love to win the organic carrier as my little one loves to chew on the carrier

  56. The organic blue moonlight is beautiful.

  57. Organic - Blue Moonlight

  58. Complete Organic Black

  59. I like the organic in toffee.

  60. The organic toffee is lovely!

  61. I would love the organic green with finch. It is gorgeous!

  62. I like the Airflow Grey/Silver.

  63. Organic green meadow!

  64. I’d love an Organic Complete in Green Meadow, so pretty!

  65. I would love the organic designer toffee with spice! Soft and beautiful! These are the best carriers, and the most customer friendly company I’ve ever encountered!

  66. i would choose the black airflow!

  67. Organic green meadow!

  68. I have this carrier in orange and it is the best! I would love a second one for the hubs.

  69. I like the Organic Designer Green w/ Finch.

  70. This carrier looks awesome!

  71. If I won, I would choose the líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Organic Designer Green w/ Finch! I also love the additional neck support and the fact that the hood can be removed.

  72. Completely agree with review! I want the Organic or the airflow…. =)

  73. Christina Brundick Reply

    organic designer green w/ finch

  74. I original thought a print would be nice, but then i want sure if my husband would use it with a print. so now i guess i would love the organic in either green meadow or blue moonlight. :)

  75. I love Organic Designer Toffee w/Lace

  76. I like the Organic -Blue Moonlight carrier

  77. The original purple/pink is beautiful. Since I’m sure I’ll be having another girl, this is perfect.

  78. líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Original Designer Black w/ Yellow Petals

  79. I would like the airflow one for the warm weather we have!!

  80. Organic green with finch!

  81. Rochelle Luaders Reply

    I think I’d go with organic green meadow… love that color!

  82. Organic -
    Organic Designer Green w/ Finch

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  84. I can’t decide between the Pink/Purple Original and the Organic Toffee with Spice!!!

  85. Love baby wearing! Such a great giveaway! :)

  86. I think the organic green is pretty.

  87. I like the green organic carrier the most.

  88. I would love the airflow in gray/silver!

  89. I would pick the líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Airflow Grey/Silver

  90. I think the airflow would be the best choice. Even though it’s still snowing, I’m hoping for a warm summer and this breathable fabric would make carrying a baby nice and comfortable.

  91. I would like the Airflow

  92. Wow, hard choice to make, they are all nice! But I would love to choose the líllébaby® COMPLETE™Original Black/Black for my soon to be little one!

  93. I love the Organic Designer Toffee w/Lace carrier or Organic -Toffee

  94. I’d want Organic - Organic Designer Toffee w/Lace

  95. I would love to win the airflow, because we go hiking and out little one is getting to that stage of too big for the current carrier but not big enough for a hiking backpack (not to mention that the hiking backpack is so bulky).

  96. Original -
    Designer Black w/ Kimono Taupe

  97. I think the airflow

  98. Complete Original in Warm Orange/Cream

  99. I would get it in the Original style. In a gender neutral colour like black.

  100. My favorite is the Organic Designer (Toffee w/ Lace).

  101. I would love the organic green meadow

  102. I would choose the airflow in black. It would be great for here in Arizona!

  103. I love love love the green designer with finch!!!

  104. Thanks for the review. I am looking for a carrier and love the organic carrier.

  105. Jessica Fletcher Reply

    Organic In Finch!

  106. líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Original Designer Charcoal w/ Finch. So many cute designs and choices to choose from.

  107. I would choose líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Organic Blue Moonlight

  108. I would like to win the airflow grey/ silver carrier

  109. We’d pick airflow in black

  110. I love the meadow green color!

    The green with finch is really pretty too!

  111. With our Florida heat, the airflow makes the most sense!

  112. I really like the Organic Designer Toffee w/Lace carrier. It is a nice one to consider.

  113. Organic Designer Green with Finch

  114. I like the líllébaby COMPLETE Original Purple/Pink.

  115. I think I would want the airflow in black

  116. i tried the original on i the store and liked it but i think i would either like the organic or the airflow. i thought that the original would be too hot in the summer so maybe the airflow would be better.

  117. I would love the Organic Black

  118. I’d love to try the Organic Designer Toffee w/Lace. Love the print!

  119. I love the Original Designer Charcoal with Finch. It is neutral and very cute!

  120. I love the organic green meadow carrier!

  121. Ooh! I looked further and The Organic Designer Green w/ Finch is beautiful!

  122. I would choose the Airflow.

  123. organic in midnight blue

  124. Original

  125. I like charcoal with finch! The original designer!

  126. I love the the organic green meadow! Such a great carrier..I would love to give it a try!!

  127. I like the Airflow or Organic.

  128. I would like the organic green finch

  129. I like the líllébaby Complete Original Designer Black w/ Kimono Taupe

  130. I love the original, the design is so pretty!

  131. Ooo I’d like to try the airflow!:)

  132. I’d love to have the líllébaby® COMPLETE™Original Purple/Pink!

  133. Would love the original but would have to debate on color XD

  134. I love the Airflow - Grey/Silver. Great color combo and unique fabrics!

  135. I would choose the Complete Organic Designer Green w/ Finch!

  136. The organic green meadow

  137. Airflow -Black

  138. I’d like to win the Organic in Green Meadow!

  139. Christina Strapp Reply

    I love the líllébaby COMPLETE Organic Designer Toffee Lace Baby Carrier!

  140. I really like the líllébaby® COMPLETE™ Airflow Grey/Silver!

  141. I love the original in Charcoal with finch. so cute

  142. They are gorgeous but I would probably choose the airflow in black so I would have something a little cooler during the hot summer months.

  143. Heather Sprunger Reply

    Gosh, Id feel so luck to just win this carrier, that I honestly would not be picky on what style/color I received. Thanks so much for the chance!!!

  144. I love the Organic Toffee with Spice! Such a neat classy look!

  145. The Airflow in Grey/Silver is really nice

  146. Original Designer Charcoal w/ Finch is my favourite but they’re all gorgeous

  147. I’d love the airflow to keep baby cool in HOT HOT HOT Arizona!

  148. organic green meadow

  149. Organic blue moonlight looks great!

  150. I would choose the Organic Green Meadow!

  151. I would love an organic lillebaby!

  152. black organic for me! I love black and I love organic !

  153. Organic in Blue Moonlight!

  154. I would love any of these but if I had to chose one I would say the organic green meadows would be quite lovely ;)

  155. I would LOVE the Original Designer Charcoal w/ Finch.. I love birds!!

  156. I really like the organic green with finch

  157. I’d get the Organic Designer Toffee w/Spice

  158. I would love the Organic Complete in Toffee with Lace. It is such a gorgeous carrier!

  159. Heather Sprunger Reply

    I was wondering how we find out who won the lillebaby carrier. I can’t wait to hear!!!

    • Heather - we’ll be choosing a winner (randomly) tonight! If they confirm their entry, we’ll post their name on our rafflecopter and we’ll post on Facebook to let you know!

  160. This carrier looks so wonderful! Thanks for the helpful review!

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