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It seems like there are hundreds of different baby carriers on the market these days at a variety of price points. I still remember the day I told my husband how much I spent on my first baby carrier. It was 2010 and a Beco Butterfly 2 that I bought brand new for $149 (and has since been discontinued). His jaw literally dropped, “you spent HOW much?!” Of course, that carrier got a TON of use from both of us and it paid for itself over and over by keeping us sane through some fairly extensive travel. Even my husband agrees that it was well worth its $149.

It’s been a few years now and we’ve had the opportunity to try out a number of different baby carriers with our youngest son. Our favorite soft structured carriers by far have been from Líllébaby. Here you can read my review of the Líllébaby Organic Carrier and a comparison of the Líllébaby AirFlow, Beco Gemini and Ergo360. 

Just in time for International Babywearing Week, Líllébaby has introduced a game changer into the mix with their new Essentials baby carrier. It’s a fantastic baby carrier that’s comfortable, very easy to use, and the real kicker: it retails for only $90!

Part of the perks of being an Ambassador for Líllébaby means I was sent an Essentials carrier to review. The Essentials is a bit simpler when compared to the features on the Líllébaby Complete line, but it’s definitely not a no-frills, stripped down carrier.

The fabric is a sturdy cotton canvas that I’m already noticing getting softer with wear and washing. I expect it will be nice and floppy pretty fast. And while someone told me that chevron prints are “so last season,” I don’t care. I still love chevron prints! And I expect that Líllébaby will continue to release fantastic prints for this carrier in the future.

The padding on the sides is really nice for my baby’s bare legs and I love three-way adjustable straps. They really make adjusting the straps easy, especially when I’m wearing my son on my back (which I do a lot now that he’s pushing 25lbs). Add in the Personal Fit Adjusters at the shoulders and I can see them making it even easier to find that perfect sweet spot for babywearers of almost any shape and size.

I’m not a huge fan of the hood being attached, but I do love that it’s lightweight, breathable mesh and it attaches to little hooks on the shoulders pretty easily. The Essentials carrier has the same awesome two-pocket design that the Completes have; a spacious zippered pocket and then an open pocket on top that is perfect for storing the hood.

At the end of the day, for $90, I can see the Essentials being an ideal gateway carrier for mamas who are new to babywearing, but can’t afford or justify spending $140 or more. It can also be a fantastic second carrier for a family with more than one babywearing parent, especially if they are having a hard time deciding if a second carrier is worth it. And when you look at some of the competition, it has almost all of the same features as an Ergo Original, a Beco Soleil or a Tula Standard, but for a much lower price. That’s a huge win in my book!

Here’s a chart comparing the main features of the Líllébaby Essentials, Líllébaby Complete, Beco Soleil, Ergo Original, and Tula Standard baby carriers.

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  1. This is great that Lillebaby is offering a great carrier at a reasonable price point for those who need a good quality baby carrier on a budget.

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