Líllébaby Organic Baby Carrier Review & Giveaway

I’m no stranger to the awesomeness that is babywearing. I’m serious folks, babywearing is not some hippie fad! It’s a hugely legit thing that makes parenting easier for every mama and daddy I know who practices it.

I’ve shared more than once how much it’s impacted my life, through multiple airports and extensive travel or simply a walk to the park or a quick trip to the grocery store. When I’m trying to cook dinner and my baby is tired, fussy, or just wants to be held, wearing him lets me get things accomplished AND keep my baby happy.

Earlier this year I added a Líllébaby Organic soft-structured carrier to my arsenal of baby carriers (yes, I have… um, a few). Previously, my to-go for a SSC was my Beco Butterfly 2, which I adored, until I met Líllébaby.

First thing, the organic fabric is so incredibly soft, right out of the box. It really surprised me.

The ease of wearing and adjusting everything was so, so nice. While I adored my Beco Butterfly, it was a little complicated to put on. But the Líllébaby was so simple and very easy to adjust. My husband loves how much simpler it is too.

Plus Líllébaby makes their carriers in a variety of colors and patterns that even dads would be proud to wear. My husband prefers the simplicity of SSCs over any of my wraps or ring slings.

I love that the padding on the straps is nice and long, so they don’t rub the back of my arms and I really like the added lumbar support that I can choose to wear. It’s been helpful on days where I’m wearing my son for a long length of time.

My only complaints are that the fabric was too warm for me to wear my baby outside in the summer. I wore him to an air show on a day that was about 96° F and we were both incredibly sweaty. I wish I’d worn him in my cotton gauze wrap instead.

Also, I really wish it had a pocket so I could grocery shop or go on a hike and have a place to stash my wallet, keys and phone so I didn’t have to carry a purse. Even a detachable zipper pouch that attaches to the belt strap would be cool with me, and convenient for hiking.

No infant insert needed!
Super soft, organic cotton fabric (like buttah!)
Can be worn six different ways
Adjustable flap to have added head support for infants or higher back support for toddlers
Removable lumbar support for front wearing
Cushion-y padded straps
Machine washable


Fabric is warm, maybe a little too warm on hot, summer days.
I wish it had a pocket!!

Overall, highly, highly recommended!

In honor of International Babywearing Week, Líllébaby has graciously given us one of their fantastic baby carriers, Toffee with Waves, to give to one of our readers. And I just learned this specific carrier comes with a detachable pocket on the waistband, woo hoo!

(This is not the first time Líllébaby has shown MSW some love! Check out Michelle’s rave review of her carrier earlier this year!)

Contest begins on Monday, October 6th and ends on Friday, October 10th, 2014 at 11:59 PST. Winner must complete the first three entries to win. Winner must resides in the US only. Winner must be 18 years of age or older. Winner must respond within 48 hours. Please check your inbox or spam folder for an email from [email protected] Enter below and good luck!
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119 Responses to Líllébaby Organic Baby Carrier Review & Giveaway

  1. Okay, it isn’t really a ‘thing’ but the only thing I’m hoping for is an adoption placement, that would be the best Christmas gift ever!

  2. Lots of things for our first baby coming in April! The biggest thing is a cosleeper.

  3. The only thing on my holiday wishlist is a mani/pedi…. momma needs a break!

  4. i love carriers that can be worn in multiple ways. my toddler likes to change things up a lot. it is nice to be able to give him options for other views and positioning.

  5. Jessica Guidobono Good Reply

    I tried the Lillebaby at a baby show and really liked it, too. I especially liked the lumbar support. But I agree-I wish it had a pocket, too-makes such a difference to have somewhere to stick your keys, etc.

  6. So awesome! Id love to have one!

  7. I’m hoping for new boots!

  8. I’m hoping for a new camera lens for Christmas!

  9. Elizabeth Godschalx Wisniewski Reply

    I would love a new sewing machine, or winter boots

  10. I’ve got a new diaper bag on my holiday wish list.

  11. Wish list: Everything I need for our baby due in April! Especially the Halo Bassinest, Uppababy Vista, and 4moms Rockaroo (not to mention the countless carriers I want to hoard)!

  12. A new camera is on my wish List! Gotta capture those memories!

  13. A keriug 2.0 is on my wishlist. Need to stay awake. I hope that I find that this holiday season.

  14. Sewing supplies is on my Christmas list this year along wit babywearing accessories and money to spend on more clot diapers.

  15. Stephanie Lockwood Reply

    New leggings and sweaters, boots, etc. For myself… and a WiiU for my family.

  16. Essential oils and a heart rate monitor for exercising are on my list!! This lillebaby carrier looks fantastic! I have heard great things!

  17. Clarissa Lopez Angel Reply

    ON my wish list is a nap, just a long good ole nap!!

  18. my kitchen to be finished is what is on my wish list

  19. On my holiday wish list is to see family. Everyone lives so very far away and on opposite sides that traveling becomes very difficult with the weather

  20. All I want for Christmas is to see my family! We haven’t been home for Christmas in 5 years!

  21. I would love some organic natural make up!

  22. I’m hoping my boyfriend and I get the house we’ve been looking at!

  23. Main thing I want for the holidays is for my maternity leave to stretch just enough that i don’t go back until next year! Lots of baby bonding time!

  24. The ONLY thing on my holiday list is to have my baby sleeping better! hahaha! i swear he hates sleep! ;) also, wanted to point out that the All Seasons carrier by lilliebaby does have a pocket! it’s in the zip down panel that also helps with the temperature! ;) Two of your cons…:)

  25. I want some new clothes because after 4 kids I need them :) .

  26. Essential oils and a diffuser!

  27. A cord of wood.

  28. A video recorder to film my little girl!

  29. I would love some new living room furniture from my husband.

  30. Id love a Natibaby oddysey wrap!

  31. A kitchen aid mixer :)

  32. Id like to have new boots

  33. I have a Skip Hop Grand Central diaper bag & a 4Moms mamaroo in multi-color plush…3rd baby is a-comin’ :0)

  34. I’d love to find a new house! We’re trying to move closer to where my husband works and want a backyard for our two new little ones to play.

  35. A little clutch purse to put in the diaper bag, and some new clothes.

  36. I really want a new light weight stroller.

  37. I would love a new cell phone.

  38. A healthy baby, I’m due in December.

  39. I got a new Ju Ju be bag that I love. I would love some stroller clips to go with it!

  40. I would love some new running shoes.

  41. I would love some new running shoes

  42. I’m asking for a new sewing machine and/or a stand mixer…

  43. Trumpette Howdy Bouncy Rubber Cow

  44. I would love gift cards to places like target and panera :)

  45. I would love to get a new winter jacket that will accommodate baby wearing.

  46. Cast Iron Skillet

  47. I would love a pre-paid massage/spa day, and new pants

  48. I’d also like a woven wrap, toaster oven, and a tablet.

  49. a new house. i hope santa has budget for that! :)

  50. My Xmas list is short. I want to be prego. :)

  51. Safe travel. We’re driving 1400 miles over Christmas. :-/

  52. Ulta giftcard, cloth diaper inserts, and a day to myself

  53. I would love a carrier for my new one in January, I bought second hand with my first child so have yet to experience a carrier that’s new and comfy.

  54. a new wrap

  55. I have a nursing bra I really want on my wishlist and, of course, babywearing devices!

  56. I have a nursing bra on my wishlist and baby carrying devices

  57. A nice DSLR camera :)

  58. I would LOVE a kitchen aid mixer

  59. I cannot wait to meet my little man in December. And I will be baby wearing. I love the way the lillebaby looks!

  60. I wish a new house hehe, but I can feel better with a new Mixer or paypal credit so I can buy the cloth diapers I want.

  61. On my wish list is a new carrier! I have an ergo that was given to me but I’d love to try a Lillebaby!

  62. Actually hope to be certified to foster by then. Looking forward to it.

  63. I love this color.

    For Christmas, I want leggings. More leggings ;)

  64. I’ve been wondering about this carrier! Thanks for the review!

  65. This would be amazing for the bun in the oven! Love the no infant insert factor!

  66. For Christmas this year I want my whole extended family to get together in one place. That would be so amazing.

  67. I wish my baby would sleep better, without waking me up in every hour during the night!

  68. The first three The Mortal Instruments books are on my list and clothes for M of course!

  69. I would love an Aden + Anais Daydream blanket!

  70. A camera lens

  71. A baby carrier and a tablet, laptop, or something the like.

  72. The only this on my wish list is to be into the new house we are trying to get!

  73. Kellie Abrahamson Reply

    I’d love a wrap bag by Smiling Octopus for Christmas!

  74. Becky Campbell Collins Reply

    Hubby would love this. He tried my tula but we decided that since he’s so much bigger than me, he needs his own so we don’t have to adjust so much when we switch. Plus, he sweats. A lot. LOL I don’t wish to share that sweat!

  75. Cynthia Cartisano Reply

    We have a huge babywearing group that I lead (First Coast Babywearing) and I would love to be able to share this with our group!

  76. I would love a tripod for my camera!

  77. New TOMS for myself!

  78. I want a new phone.

  79. 2 Nook HD 9′ tablets
    Lalaloopsy dolls
    Pepper Pig DVDs
    Monster high dolls
    I can keep going? Lol

  80. I need a new pair of UGGS desperately!

  81. I would absolutely love a new phone lol.. I just shattered mine last week!

  82. A light box for the little!

  83. An upgrade wedding ring for my wife.

  84. books!!!! and some time! :)

  85. I would love to have a new dining room set because ours is very outdated!

  86. I saw the lillebaby at a show and I fell in love with it.

  87. Great review. Thanks for the info and the opportunity to win what sounds to be an excellent carrier.

  88. I’ll have to try this! I’ve been looking for a carrier that is soft that can be worn more ways than traditional sscs.

  89. I want a bedroom set for the hubby and me since our furniture since none of it matches and the most we paid for any of it minus our mattress and box spring is $5.

  90. new clothes or purse!

  91. New convertible carseat

  92. I would love some new clothing. Too bad I do not even know what I like and want. I guess a fashion consultant that would go shopping with be would be the greatest!

  93. The one you tried may have been hot, but I’ll bet the wrap conversions they are making with Danu Slings would have been lighter and breezier! I REALLY want one of the WCs!

  94. The Lillebaby you tried probably would have been better in another season, but I bet their new wrap conversions would have been perfect! I love the Danu Slings they are using! I REALLY want one!

  95. Being with family. That’s all I care about.

  96. We don’t do presents for the adults, only the kids. My wish list has nothing on it, but I probably could score some chocolate!

  97. I just want my babies to have a great Christmas! My family is all I need.

  98. Wauw, that Toffee colour is amazing! I am looking for a carrier, and I think even my husband would be persuaded to carry with this beauty!!!

  99. I want a summer infant pop n play and another baby carrier. I’m addicted!

  100. I want to see my family. We live two days travel from them.

  101. the biggest thing on my wish list this year would have to be an updated family portrait!

  102. A new car before mine breaks down! But realistically, ummm… I really truly don’t want anything except my family with me for the holidays. :)

  103. The items on my holiday wish list are Sleep and a massage!

  104. New cowboy boots.

  105. I put a specific beater for my new mixer on my wish list as well as some new bowls.

  106. Number one on my Christmas Wish List is some boots!!! My hubs bought be a laptop for my birthday and a super nice camera for Christmas last year… got my dream Lilyjade diaper bag when our daughter was born… The ONLY thing I really want is an SSC!

  107. I don’t really have anything on my wish list this year, a KitchenAid mixer would be nice though!

  108. A baby brother or sister for my toddler ;)

  109. Oh gosh… A massage.. and a new (to us) house. Haha

  110. I would love a new camera & a new sewing machine.

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  112. Just happening across this and wanted to let you know that the new line of Lillebaby now has pockets!! Also the air-flow (all mesh) option is amazing for warmer weather. I have the all seasons which is a happy medium between the 2 :) :) happy babywearing <3

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