Lisa’s Intimate Girls Only Shower

Image by Jackie G. Photography

This is an absolutely gorgeous baby shower thrown to celebrate the mama-to-be just before she welcomed her second little one to the family! Who wouldn’t want an intimate, girls-only affair at a gorgeous restaurant?!

What inspired the theme of the baby shower?

We went with a mama bird/baby bird, or nesting, theme for the shower. Because this was the mama-to-be’s second baby, we wanted the focus to be more on the mama instead of the baby this time around. We tried to avoid anything too “baby” related and went more on the idea of mothering. Of course, because the baby was a boy we had blues, greens and browns, but the overall feel of the shower was soft and more grown up.

Was the shower co-ed or ladies only? Why did you decide to go that way?

The shower was ladies only. The mama-to-be wanted only her nearest and dearest at this shower since it was her second time around. She wanted nothing more than to spend an afternoon with her best girlfriends and family. It was an intimate, girls-only affair!

How far along was the mama-to-be? Did she know the gender? Did that make a difference in the theme?

She was about seven and a half or eight months pregnant at the shower. She definitely knew she was having a boy, her second, and was ecstatic at the thought of having another son. Because we focused more on the mama than the baby, the gender didn’t really affect the theme… but it did have an influence on the colors we used.

Image by Jackie G. Photography

Did you work with any vendors? What did you like about them?

For some of the paper goods, I used a couple different vendors on Etsy. I bought the invitations from Felicity Paper and the favor stickers from Sweet Hailey Grace. Both vendors were easy to work with and offered very fast service.

The shower itself was held at Lucca Cafe in Irvine, CA. Their food was amazing and the service that we received while there was top notch.

The photos of the shower were taken by Jackie G. photography. Jackie was very professional and made sure to capture all the special moments of the day.

Image by Jackie G. Photography

What was your favorite game or activity at the shower?

We had no games! The food and conversation were the focus of the shower, and because it was her second time around, we opted to leave out the games.

We did, however, do a Diaper Bonanza. We asked the guests to bring as many packs of diapers as they wanted and for each pack, they received an entry into a drawing. At the end of the shower, we drew a name from the entries and that person received a great prize.

Image by Jackie G. Photography

Tell us about the details…did you have favors? What kind of food was served?

The restaurant served an amazing three course luncheon. Guests started off with either a balsamic vinaigrette salad or minestrone soup.

The second course offered three choices — a grilled chicken wrap sandwich, butternut squash ravioli or a grilled shrimp salad.

The third course was dessert and was an amazing assortment of pastries and sweets.

Image by Jackie G. Photography

As for favors, we went with a craving that the mama-to-be had been indulging throughout her pregnancy. She had a slight obsession with donuts! So we bought sugar donuts and wrapped them individually for each guest to take home. The table decor was assembled from purchases at Michael’s and other craft stores.

The table runners were handmade using no-sew hem tape.

Image by Jackie G. Photography

What kind of advice can you give to our MSW readers that are planning a shower for their friend or relative?

Keep your friend or relative in mind when planning the event. What foods does she love? What style reflects her personality? Is she more of a big bash type of gal or a quiet, intimate gathering kind of girl? You want her to feel comfortable and for the shower to reflect HER.

Also, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to make the shower look great. Scour discount stores for things that would work for the decor that normally have a different purpose.

For this shower, cake stands were used to elevate centerpieces. The ceramic birds were on sale at Michael’s in their spring decor section.

Think outside the box. Most importantly, have fun! Guests tend to have a good time when the host is having a good time. So mingle, introduce people to each other and smile!

Budget: $301- $450

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  1. wow what a beautiful shower!

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