Liz’s “What’s It Going To Bee” Baby Shower

I am the worst at keeping secrets when it comes to my own secrets (seriously, just ask my husband).

I have a hard time keeping big secrets, like the gender of my soon-to-be baby, a secret. Liz and her husband, on the other hand, kept their precious secret for 19 weeks! Liz’s friends and family attended a sweet bee-themed shower, complete with a gender reveal. I think this is such a cool shower and how exciting for all of the guests!

Who threw your baby shower for you?

Two of my sister-in-laws and a couple of good girlfriends threw my shower for me.

Was the shower co-ed or ladies only? Why did you decide to go that way?

It was ladies only, but my husband attended because I wanted him there for the gender reveal. I just knew the husbands wouldn’t come to the shower. It isn’t their thing.

How far along were you? Did you know the gender? Did that make a difference in the theme?

I was 33 weeks along at my shower. I was told the rule of thumb is to have a shower a month before you turn 37 weeks. Best advice ever! We’ve known the gender since 14 weeks. Originally my husband did not want to know the gender, but I was dying to know. So we compromised and we decided only he and I would know, and no one else. We would have a shower based on the gender reveal. We kept the secret for a long time and it was well worth it! Not revealing the gender until the shower made a huge difference in the theme because we based the whole shower around the gender reveal, “What’s it Going to Bee?”

What was your favorite game that you played at the shower?

We played only one game. It was a list of questions that I had my husband answer and the guests had to guess what my husband answered for each question. For example, “Do you think the baby will have a lot of hair?” A) Oh I hope so; B) Bald as an eagle; C) I hope it has mama’s thick, beautiful hair.

What was your favorite element of the shower?

I loved all the little details of the “bee” theme that they used. They even made a bee diaper cake. Of course, my favorite detail was the gender reveal cake.

What did you buy your hostesses as a thank you gift?

I bought them each gift cards to their favorite store and some Bath and Body Works products.

If you were to throw a baby shower for your friend or relative, what is one thing that you would use from the shower that you attended?

I would use all the customization they made themselves. They didn’t go to party store and get a kit. They made my shower unique on its own. That’s how I would throw a shower… custom with beautiful details for the mama-to-be.

2 Responses to Liz’s “What’s It Going To Bee” Baby Shower

  1. I love the theme and all the decorations are so cute!

  2. Love all of the details and what a FUN way to share the surprise with friends and family!

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