Lotus Bumz Diaper Review and Giveaway!

I adore the Lotus Bumz diaper I was recently sent to review. This one-size pocket diaper is pretty standard as far as cloth diapers go, and we’ve had nothing but good experiences with it.

First off, it’s really cute. We received the “bicycles” print from the Lotus Bumz Exclusive Collection. It’s really colorful and works for either a boy or a girl.

My absolute favorite thing about this diaper is that it is incredibly soft! The inside of the diaper, where it touches baby’s skin, is made of extra-soft fleece. The softness even held up through multiple washes. The outer layer of the diaper is made of waterproof PUL.

The diaper came with a 3-layer microfiber insert, which was also surprisingly soft— significantly softer than other microfiber inserts we use.

This diaper fit my 5-month-old perfectly. Actually, this is probably the best fitting diaper we own. My baby is a peanut and has skinny legs and a tiny waist, so I was a little hesitant about fit since the Lotus Bumz diaper looks pretty big at its largest setting. I put the diaper on its smallest setting and used the crossover snaps and got a surprisingly perfect fit. The crossover snaps on the waist are awesome for tiny waists. No gaps around his thighs, either. This diaper includes hip snaps, which help to keep a great fit on a wiggly baby.

Another feature of this diaper I really like is the flap on the pocket, where you place the insert. Unlike many other pocket diapers, the flap on the Lotus Bumz diaper is sewn down on the sides so it doesn’t flap up, which can be annoying when you’re stuffing freshly dried diapers.

My son wore this diaper for up to six hours without a leak. We haven’t tried overnight yet, but I’d be confident to do so with this diaper.

Lotus Bumz has agreed to give away one one-size pocket diaper to a lucky Mama Say What?! reader! Enter below and good luck!

Must complete first four entries in order to qualify. Must be 18 years of age or older. Must be a resident of the US. Contest begins on Wednesday September 4th and ends on Tuesday, September 10th at 11:59 PDT. If chosen as the winner, must respond within 48 hours. Please check inbox and spam folder for emails from giveaways@mamasaywhat.com.
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93 Responses to Lotus Bumz Diaper Review and Giveaway!

  1. Oh my gosh, L has gotten so big!! The diaper seems nice and trim, and that print is too cute! Their prices are right on par with BG, but it’s mama owned..I love that!! Looks like my Elizabeth will be ‘needing’ a new diaper soon :)

  2. I would pick the Berries print :)

  3. Love the Turtle print!

  4. I would choose playful turtles.

  5. The bicycles are SO cute! I love the owls too.

  6. I love the go fish!

  7. I’d choose Icy Foxes:) I don’t really have any bright blue prints!

  8. I would choose the Go Fish – Lotus Bumz Exclusive Collection

  9. I would have to go with the playful turtles print!

  10. I love the bicycles print!!

  11. I would pick the Berries – Lotus Bumz Exclusive Collection. So cute.

  12. I like the berries print

  13. I like the go fish one.

  14. In LOVE with the berries- and wow- their wetbags are awesome! So much prettier than normal wetbags! :)

  15. The Go Fish Diaper is SUPER adorable!! And unisex - I have a hard time finding seriously cute unisex diapers. Lotus Bumz has a few!

  16. Love the print!

  17. I like green with brown wings

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  19. I love the go fish print!!

  20. I would choose the go fish print.

  21. I would choose the playfuly turtles! so cute!

  22. I like green with brown wings.

  23. I can’t decide between the bicycles and teal damask! both are so cute!

  24. I like the berries print!

  25. I would pick the go fish print!

  26. This is very hard. One of each didn’t seem like an option. I really like Green with Brown wings.

  27. Id pick the turtle print

  28. I love the patch work one. I’ve been wanting it for months!

  29. I really like the Go Fish print. Very cute!

  30. i like the icy foxes print :)

  31. I love the Go Fish print!

  32. I love the Bicycles and the Berries prints! What I would pick would depend on if I am having a boy or a girl, and I find that out in a couple days!

  33. my favorite is the same as the one you got, the bicycles!

  34. So many cute prints! I like the bicycles the best :)

  35. I love the Bicycles print!

  36. The owls print is my favorite!!

  37. i love the berries print. Id get that one for sure

  38. I like the bicycles.

  39. Teal Damask – Lotus Bumz Exclusive Collection Is my fave!

  40. i think the Berries print from the Lotus Bumz Exclusive Collection is very unique. i would love to see it on my baby lily :)

  41. I would choose Go Fish.

  42. I would choose the Go Fish diaper!

  43. I love the icy foxes and the go fish prints. It would be a tough choice.

  44. All the prints are adorable but I think my favorite one is the bicycles

  45. I’d choose the nightlight print! I love how the blue pops against the black.

  46. Either foxes or go fish!

  47. I like the Go Fish print.

  48. Icy Foxes

  49. love the bicycles. thanks so much!

  50. I like the icy foxes!

  51. I like the bicycles print and the pink scales.

  52. I love Icy Foxes! :)

  53. I like teal damask the best :)

  54. I love the bikes! The goldfish dipe is presh too :)

  55. I love the go fish diaper!

  56. Oh my goodness they are SO cute!! I would choose the Go Fish print! Precious!!

  57. love the goldfish!

  58. FIsh or foxes… fish or foxes…. Can’t decide!

  59. I would pick the Berries print

  60. Thanks for the review, I’m getting ready for cloth diapering my first baby when he arrives. Their owl print is so freakin’ cute.

  61. Playful turtle

  62. go fish is so stinkin cute!

  63. I’d choose the bicycles or the turtles- both are too cute for words!

  64. Love the Go Fish!

  65. I like the turtles print.

  66. Owls from the Lotus Bumz Exclusive Collection.

  67. I really like the Teal Damask print!

  68. I love the bicycles!

  69. I like the Berries! So cute….but also the pink scales

  70. All of these are great. The bikes are adorable as are so many of the others!

  71. I love the playful turtles print!

  72. I love those bicycles!!

  73. tough indeed! maybe the icy foxes! but i do love the berries, too.

  74. I would choose the Go Fish print!

  75. I really love this bicycle print!

  76. I love the owls and icy foxes prints!!

  77. I would choose the berries print for my little girl :)

  78. Love the goldfish, that’s what I would choose!

  79. I like the owls! Very cute. Also, the olive green with brown wings.

  80. I like the bicycles print.

  81. I would pick the Icy Foxes print because I love animal prints and I already own the other prints. I love Lotus Bumz diapers. They are super soft, fit great, and adorable!

  82. I would choose icy foxes! A close second would be go fish!

  83. The bicycles are my favorite and they’d work for both my son and daughter.

  84. I love, love, love the bicycle print! We love our Lotus Bumz diapers and already have 6 of their prints!

  85. I love the owls!

  86. I would choose Icy Foxes

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