MacLaren Triumph Stroller Review

When my friend’s baby was born in 2006, his parents had a MacLaren Triumph as their lightweight umbrella stroller. I was very impressed with how sturdy it felt, how lightweight it was, and how easy folding and unfolding it was. I was a woman who wasn’t around babies much and didn’t even have baby fever yet, but I figured this stroller out really quickly. Thinking back, that really says a lot.

In 2009, when I was pregnant and it was time for my husband and me to decide what we needed in a stroller, I knew I wanted two strollers: a comfy all-terrain stroller and a more compact umbrella stroller. Travel systems didn’t interest me.

I didn’t even research other brands of umbrella strollers, I added the MacLaren Triumph to our registry without a second thought. I had been so impressed with the Triumph our friends used that I had no desire to look at another model or brand.

We started using the the Triumph when our son was about six months old and it was fantastic, and still is. I love how tall the handle bars are. My 5’9″ frame doesn’t end up hunched over while pushing my son. I only wish they were angled back a little bit more so my feet didn’t accidentally kick the back wheels when I walk. But I don’t know how that could work and not have the stroller fall over all the time.

I like the five-point harness and how secure the buckle is. There is no way my son could ever undo it himself while he’s small enough to still ride in a stroller. Figuring out how to loosen and tighten the straps is a little tricky, but once you have the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

The mesh basket at the bottom is pretty big considering its a smaller stroller, and the foot brakes work pretty well, even after a few years of use.

The shoulder strap that comes with the stroller is handy too. On more than one occasion, my son and I have taken a day trip on public transportation both in Utah and in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was able to carry the stroller on my shoulder when my son wanted to walk, and on the trains it was easy to keep it out of the way of other riders.

I know many reviewers of this stroller have complained that it’s a bumpy ride and that the wheels are plastic. I have also read complaints that the seat doesn’t recline all that much. All of these points are true, but these are things I would expect in most umbrella strollers. If I want my son to nap in a smooth-riding stroller, we use our bigger stroller that has suspension and rubber tires. We don’t use our umbrella stroller for all-day outings or for long walks, it’s just not built for it.

My only complaint is the size of the canopy, it’s quite small and doesn’t block out very much sun. I wish it was a bit bigger.

It is a little on the pricier side when considering the average price of umbrella strollers, but I honestly think I got what I paid for. It’s a quality stroller that will last me for a long, long time. My friend’s stroller is still in great shape and it was bought seven years ago! I have used a handful of cheaper strollers, even as cheap as $15, and they have been worth exactly that. And the cheaper strollers have all been too short for me. My back is yelling at me after a while.

I like this stroller so much that we bought a second one (a 2012 model) to keep at my mom’s house. I can’t recommend it enough.

Where I got it: One from Amazon, one from Babies ‘R Us
How much I paid: One was a gift (approx $200 in 2009) and the second one was $174.99
Average cost: $135 - $185
Where it is available: Amazon, MacLaren, Babies ‘R Us, Buy Buy Baby

4 Responses to MacLaren Triumph Stroller Review

  1. That’s amazing your stroller has held up so well! So many less expensive brands rip at the seams after just a year or so of use. It’s great to know the MacLaren brand makes such a time-tested product!.

  2. That is a very thorough and fair review! Maclaren strollers have been around since 1965 and the Maclaren Company is probably responsible for more stroller design breakthroughs than any other manufacturer. The Company’s Founder Owen Maclaren actually invented the umbrella stroller, so I believe Maclaren knows what they are doing.

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  4. i love our maclaren-its so convenient.

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