Maggie D’s Favorite Children’s Books - Age 17 Months

Maggie has loved looking at and playing with books since she could hold them. As an active toddler, it’s rare that she brings me a book and wants to actually sit in my lap or stand nearby while I read it to her, but there are a few books that she frequently wants us to read to her while she looks at the pictures.

I was surprised at which ones made the cut!

The #1 favorite award goes to Go, Dog. Go! P. D. Eastman’s Book of Things That Go. This Dr. SeussBright and Early board book is read in our house over and over and she will frequently look at it on her own. There is a lot to love about Go, Dog. Go!, from the bright, crazy colors and variety of activities pictured to the energetic rhyming text.

Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle’s classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? is Maggie’s second-favorite. Sometimes she turns the pages too quickly for me to read it, but I think she likes the animal voices my husband and I come up with and the big, bold, brightly-colored illustrations really hold her attention.

We have three books by Sandra Boynton, and Maggie likes all three, but Pajama Time! is by far her favorite. I’ve made up a little melody to sing the words to and I think that adds to her enjoyment of the poetry. She likes to be free on the floor to dance during this book!

The last two books I want to mention both have interesting tactile elements and Maggie has spent a lot of time engrossed in each. The first is Karen Katz’s Where is Baby’s Belly Button? Lift-up flaps on each page obscure a body part, so babies learn location words as well as body part words from this book. She already loves playing “peek-a-boo,” and this book has a similar feeling.

This list would be incomplete if I did not include Melanie Gerth’s Ten Little Ladybugs. This is a backwards counting book with three-dimensional ladybugs that disappear one-by-one and as each page turns, it reveals holes the perfect size for little fingers to explore. The illustrations are big and colorful, too!

What are your toddler’s favorite books right now?? Share in the comments!

11 Responses to Maggie D’s Favorite Children’s Books - Age 17 Months

  1. my son loves the 10 little ladybugs book too! :) its cute isnt it?!

  2. 10 Little Ladybugs is a favorite book at my mom’s house!

  3. My daughter is also 17 months old and LOVES “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”! But she has to read the board book version; she’s very unkind to pages! She also loves the Leslie Patricelli board books “No No Yes Yes” and “Tubby”.

  4. My son loves all of those books. He is 16 months and we just completely 100 books for this summer!

  5. 10 Little Ladybugs is always a favorite and my kids love any Pete the Cat stories!

  6. Cassie Marriner Secol Reply

    I love finding new books for my little ones

  7. My daughter gets books from the Imagination Library, and they have given her some awesome books. Her favorites are “Pouch” and “My No No No Day”. There are a few more, but I can’t remember the names of them right now.

  8. We love Pajama Time, too! Lev has recently figured out that he can delay bedtime by choosing really long books, so I have read the Butter Battle Book every day this week.

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