Mason’s Speedy Unexpected Arrival

Mason’s Speedy, Unexpected Arrival

Mama: Tracie H.

Stats: 5lbs 13oz, 19.5 inches

Type of Birth: Vaginal

Birth Location: Hospital

Primary Care: Obstetrician

I’m a teacher in Montgomery County, Maryland. We had just gone on a field trip where I hiked three miles in the woods with my class, and I was just about 33 weeks pregnant.

I felt great, was still doing spin classes, walking daily, and when I felt motivated did a Jillian Michaels video (pressing pause multiple times)! I started having some discharge, and since Mason was my first, I wasn’t sure what that meant. I called my doctor on Monday afternoon and told them about the discharge, they said it was probably nothing and that I had an appointment the following Monday so just keep an eye on it.

Well, come Thursday evening something just wasn’t feeling right, so I called back and made an appointment for Friday afternoon. I left on my lunch break, assuming I would be returning, and left all my belongings there. My husband went to every single appointment with me, except this Friday. He had worked for 26 hours straight and went home to sleep. I showed up all bubbly at the doctor, knowing nothing was going wrong.

My OB (who I LOVE) went down there, took a look, and a feel and said “HOLY COW”….I proceeded to tell him he should choose a different phrase for a first time mom, when he’s *down there*, so he said “HOLY COW?!” with a huge smile, still didn’t make it much better, but just made me laugh.

He then told me I had to pretend that I was playing monopoly, don’t stop and collect $100 just go STRAIGHT to the hospital. I asked if everything was okay since I was 34 weeks, and he said, still smiling, “well let’s just say you’re not going to go home today without a baby, because you’re seven cm dilated!”

I then walked out of the office and called my husband who just fell asleep and told him to meet me at the hospital, he was totally asleep and had no clue what he was even saying. My dad drove me there, stopping at every red light and going the EXACT speed limit.

I then reminded him that I’m a Police Officer’s wife, and I don’t care how many lights he runs, or how fast he goes as long as he’s safe, and if he didn’t he was going to have to get his car detailed when my water broke in his car!

As soon as I got to the L & D floor my water broke in the hallway. That was at 2:45pm. I got back in the room and began having contractions at 3:15, received an epidural at 4:00, started pushing at 4:05, pushed for 12 minutes and at 4:17 had a beautiful baby boy.

Mason had to be in the NICU for about a week since he was six weeks early and that was a very hard week for us, leaving the hospital without our baby. But the NICU nurses at HC were absolutely AMAZING. We went back every three hours to try and nurse him, or just feed him, and knew he was in good hands when we left.

Mason is now 16 months old, weighing 30 lbs, and about 29 inches tall. He’s a tank. He began walking at 11 months, is saying a few words, and has an addictive personality. He makes every day brighter, and lights up the room! I can honestly say I had a pretty boring pregnancy, and a VERY easy delivery with him. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

Guest Mama Tracie is a full time Kindergarten Teacher. She lives in Maryland with her husband Chris, son Mason (born 5/04/2013) and Rhodesian Ridgeback Dallas. Tracie enjoys running (with her jogging stroller!), hiking/rock climbing, and pretty much anything else outside! She loves reading books with Mason and having family time on the weekends visiting new places.

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