Matador Droplet Dry Bag

I just had to share another goodie that I purchased from Matador: the Droplet Dry Bag. Almost ALL parents have had a time in their child’s lives where they have needed a dry bag; a bag to hold wet things, wet clothes, a wet cloth diaper, a wet blanket. It doesn’t matter what substance made it wet, we’ve all had the need to stash it somewhere so it doesn’t get that mess anywhere else. This is where dry bags and wet bags come into the picture.

Baby had an epic blowout? Keep the outfit she was wearing in the dry bag until you get home. Need a place to keep soiled cloth diapers when you’re out and about? This morning’s hike along the little creek turned into a splash fest, so now I can keep my son’s wet clothes in the dry bag until we get home. Coming home from a birthday party at a swimming pool? Keep wet swimsuits in the bag on the drive home without getting surrounding stuff damp too. Have sweaty clothes from a run or a trip to the gym that you don’t want to stink up your gym bag or car? When you get home and wash your wet/damp stuff, throw the dry bag into the wash with them. Let it air dry and you’re good to use it again.

The neatest thing about the Droplet Dry Bag from Matador is that it’s tiny! The bag itself is 9×10.5 inches and fits into this little droplet-shaped, stretchy, silicone thingie. It fits wonderfully on a zipper pull or on a keychain.

Here it is next to a quarter. See how small it is? This would be a fantastic stocking stuffer for any parent at Christmas. Or a fun addition to a baby shower gift; maybe a diaper bag full of useful goodies? Would it be useful to you?

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