Matador Mini Pocket and 2.0 Blankets

I first discovered this brand when cruising the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City this summer. I watched a video that promoted many of their products and I immediately thought, “what great products for parents!” They make backpacks, hip packs, blankets, wet bags, and more that can be scrunched and folded down into very small packages. They’re designed for outdoors-y folks, but so many of their products are also ideal for parents.

This is the Mini Pocket Blanket from Matador. It’s a thin blanket that folds into a pouch that’s roughly the size of a thick business card. You can throw one in your purse or diaper bag, fanny pack or baby carrier pocket. You can even hook it onto a zipper pull or D-ring with a small carabiner. The key is that it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space.

It’s water resistant, puncture resistant, and when opened up, it’s 44 inches by 28 inches. It’s a great size to hold a couple of kids, or one adult and a small child. It’s machine washable on a gentle cycle and it hangs to dry. The fabric dries really quickly too.

It’s very easy to unfold, my three-year-old can easily do it.

This little blanket goes with us everywhere now. If we’re hiking, it goes into the pocket of my baby carrier or my fanny pack and we use it when we stop for lunch or for a snack. The rest of the time it’s either in my purse or my diaper bag. It’s great for festivals and parks, especially if the grass damp. I’ve also used it many times to change my son’s diaper when the bathroom was far away or we were someplace with no changing table. It’s not padded, but it’s way cleaner than a bathroom floor!

One feature that I never would have thought of is this contrasting stitching on the blanket, it helps you fold up the blanket to get it back in the pouch. This is a feature I really needed and I may have audibly gasped when I figured it out.

This little blanket is a great item to keep on hand for outdoors-y folks, travelers, and pretty much all parents. It’s useful and it doesn’t take up a ton of storage space.

If you’re looking soe something a little bigger, the Matador 2.0 Blanket is a little more than double the size of the Mini at 63×44 inches and folds up to fit in a little stretchy pouch that’s similar in size to a folded wallet. The blanket is big enough for two adults to sit comfortably. I was able to lay down on mine with my feet hanging over the edge, and I’m 5’9″.

It has many of the same features as the Mini like guide stitching to help you fold it back into the pouch. It’s also water resistant and puncture resistant. My son and I picnicked on some damp grass this week and the blanket stayed dry and kept us dry. It’s also machine washable on a gentle, cold water cycle and it hangs to dry.

One really cool feature is these nifty stakes that are attached to each corner. These are hidden in the little slots and act as corner weights. When you need a little more stability, you can pop them out and stick them into the dirt or grass to hold the corners down on a breezy day. If you’re at the beach, you can fill those corner pockets with sand to hold the blanket in place.

In a pinch, the 2.0 even kept me warm when I was on a freezing flight and I had forgotten my sweater.

The Pocket Blanket 2.0 comes in two colors, it packs down small and doesn’t take up a ton of space in your bag. It is perfect for picnics, parks, festivals, hiking, camping, and the beach.

Both blankets are available on Amazon or directly from Matador’s website. This post contains affiliate links, shopping through these links helps keep our website running and is very much appreciated.

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