Melissa’s Sports Fanatic Baby Shower

Mama Say What?! mama Melissa has some pretty awesome best friends! After finding out that the bundle of joy was a bouncing baby boy, five of Melissa’s closest friends got together and threw this sports-loving mama a super fun shower!

The guests were asked to come in their favorite team jersey, they ate tailgating-style food and signed a keepsake football for the soon-to-be baby boy. This is a super fun shower!

Who threw your baby shower for you?

Five of my very best friends threw my baby shower for me.

Was the shower co-ed or ladies only? Why did you decide to go that way?

The shower was ladies only… everyone came in their favorite sports team jersey, it was all very cute! We went the ladies-only route because according to my husband, “boys shouldn’t go to showers.”

How far along were you? Did you know the gender? Did that make a difference in the theme?

I was 34 weeks and five days along on the day of my shower.

Yes, we knew the gender. We found out at 16 weeks we would be having a boy.

Yes I am SURE it made a difference in the theme. My husband and I have always been very much into sports. We chose to do a sports-themed nursery for the baby and my friends planned my shower around that. They had so many cute things… the food was all tailgate style food, they had a football for the guests to sign that we have displayed in G’s room now and tons of cute sports decorations.

What was your favorite game that you played at the shower?

Hmmm, my favorite game? They did a baseball type of trivia game with facts about babies… it was really funny and very interactive.

What was your favorite element of the shower?

My favorite element was just the fact that my friends worked so hard to make this day so much about our little family and what we are about. They thought of everything and it was very “us.”

I LOVED the football they had for the guests to sign — it’s something G can keep forever.

What did you buy your hostesses as a thank you gift?

I got them all bottles of wine and gift cards to Victoria’s Secret.

If you were to throw a baby shower for your friend or relative, what is one thing that you would use from your baby shower?

I loved the Diaper Cake they made. Also, I liked how the shower was based around our likes and things we enjoy. It was very personalized and made it that much more special.

3 Responses to Melissa’s Sports Fanatic Baby Shower

  1. What a fun shower - I love the sports theme! And that signed football is such a great idea!

  2. so cute! I love this theme!

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