Mother’s Day Letter to My Daughter, Alex


I love the fact that I have such a great relationship with all of my adult children. Each one of you has a unique personality and a different way of viewing life. And you all seem to enjoy hanging out with your dear old mama and papa. I feel it is important to remember that I didn’t raise my four children alone. I was part of a partnership with the best husband and dad in the world.

That said, I was the stay-at-home mama and I was the one who wiped snotty noses, patched up skinned knees, smoothed over hurt feelings, and generally was the nurturer. Dad was all of those things too, but he just didn’t have as much time with you guys as I did.

Alex, you are my eldest, my friend, and my “test baby.” Everything I did with you was for the first time. By the time I had Patrick, Michael and Jackie I was much more relaxed and, frankly, a bit more lenient. I’m sure you were convinced I was easier on them, but in truth I was just more at ease generally. I knew from how you were turning out that I was a good mama and that I could relax a bit. When you were a teenager I was so lucky because you were simply a nice kid. I know that sounds trite but it is true. And because I was seeing that in you, I was more confident that the rest of the guys would turn out nice as well.

When you and Bill moved away, I was so sad. You and I could always talk about just about anything and I missed that connection with you.

Remember that road trip to Oregon with just you, me and your dad? Dad was astounded that we could talk so much. I think we carried on a conversation the whole way up there and back. I laugh when I remember his comments and how he rolled his eyes.

Then came your pregnancy. I hated that I wasn’t there in person to see your belly grow and to help you more, but as usual we could get on the phone and just talk forever.

Then there’s my sweet, smart, funny grandson. You are a fabulous mama, Alex! He is turning out to be such a great kid. That is all because of you and Bill. Take pride in him just as I take pride in my guys, and especially in you. My test baby has turned into an awesome mama!!!

All my Love,

Image by Cari Hollis Photography

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  1. Thanks Mom! Love you!

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