Mother’s Day Letters: Betty’s Daughters

Dear Briana and Kailey,

I remember bringing Briana home from her birth and bursting into tears because I had NO earthly idea how to care for a baby, and worried I would kill this precious baby due to ignorance. There was no means to search for infinite answers on the internet as can be done today. One thing I did know was how much I loved my child, and four years later, I was doubly blessed with a second sweet daughter.

While the world has massively changed since then, one thing has been a solid constant, which is the love I have for you. I can never adequately describe its depth, and what having you as my daughters means to my heart.

I see each of you juggling and struggling as working mamas, running households, trying to be good wives AND bringing up children. I vividly remember those days in my life… never sufficient time in a day to do anything “enough,” but trying your best to balance it all. Days are a spinning carousel, sometimes leaving you feeling lost and out of control.

Remember — this too shall pass. Amid the chaos, leave the dishes in the sink, the beds unmade and go enjoy your children and husbands. Go a step further and grab your camera to snap quick photos of the ‘times of your life’ — I promise you won’t remember an unkempt home twenty years from now, but you WILL remember the day’s events with pictures you took. When I look at old photos, I remember the EXACT occasions —so many tender moments, so many silly moments (a spray cheese-covered cracker stuck to a forehead for one!) and so many proud moments. But buy a remote and get YOURSELF in the picture too. I was normally behind the lens and have far too few photos with my precious children.

All too soon your babies will be grown with children of their own, so relish the craziness of your life at this moment. I know it is hard for you to even imagine, but there will come a day when you miss the temper tantrums, the bull-headedness and the sheer exhaustion at the end of the day.

Yes, I know it sounds crazy because it sounded so to me too, but it is true. The whole cycle is miraculous though, because I now see in you what my own mama saw as she watched me with the two of you. I know she is so proud of me for raising two loving, beautiful, intelligent, strong, dedicated and caring women. Now, watching each of you with your own children and the excellent job you are doing nurturing and loving them, well, I am just so happy it brings me to tears and I could almost burst with pride.

Each day, I think of the two of you and marvel at the blessings you give me. I never desire a Mother’s Day present because my gift is, and always has been the two of you.

I pray you will always feel about being a mother the same way I feel about being yours — BLESSED.  Happy Mother’s Day, my sweet daughters!

Will like you forever and love you for always,


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