Mother’s Day Letters: Kathy’s Mama

To my beautiful Mom,

I have to start this letter by expressing just how truly thankful and grateful I am to have you as the most influential and supportive person in my life. For the past 27 years, you have been my rock, my cheerleader and my shoulder to cry on (and considering just how emotional we BOTH are, there have been a lot of tears!)

Now that I am a mama to a beautiful little girl, I am really able to understand just how difficult it can be, but also how amazing it is!

I don’t know how you did it. Raising two small children, all on your own, while working a full-time job and taking night courses to help you move up in your career, shuffling us around to school, soccer, gymnastics, etc. I often wonder how you balanced it all with such grace and poise.

I remember many nights when I would sneak into your room after having a bad dream and whispering ‘Mom’ and receiving an immediate response and invite to cuddle. It was like you never slept, and were always there waiting to comfort me.

You never missed a thing: school plays, gymnastics meets, grade eight graduation including my Valedictorian speech, high school graduation, college graduation, watching me walk down the aisle to marry the love of my life and most importantly, when I delivered my sweet baby girl.

Having you in the delivery room with us meant the world to me and I couldn’t imagine having done it without you there. Seeing you as Cassidy’s grandma is incredible! You have a bond with her that no one else ever will and I know that she is just as grateful as I am to have you in her life.

Thank you for teaching me so much. I am a strong, independent, hard-working, dedicated wife and mother who will do whatever it takes for my family— and I owe it all to you!

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you xoxo


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