Mother’s Day Letters: Sue to Kate

Dear Katie, Mother’s Day Letters: Sue to Kate

I wrote this poem about you when you were 4 years old:

Humming Girl

Humming Girl— so busy.
You take my whole heart
and spin it in messy circles,
leaving parts of your daydreams
strung out for me to pick up
and piece together.
I see your eyes staring.
I know you are in some incredible place
conjuring up some brilliant imaginings
to which we mortals can only be witness.
Struggle on, dear Humming Girl— so busy.
You have your own ideas.
I have stopped trying to make your circles so round
because they are not circles but shapes
Made by the wonderful web you spin
Shapes that I see,
and about which
I can only wonder.

Kate & Nolan, 2012 - Sue & Kate, 1985

The little girl who spun my heart in messy circles is an adult now, and my heart is still spinning. The reward for me, after all the years of loving you, is who you have become. You are a brilliant writer and artist and a talented musician. You are a loving wife and such an amazing mama! Your happy baby boy is a testament to what a fantastic mama you are. You are one of my dearest friends, and you still make me laugh every day. I am so proud of you, Katie. When these pictures were taken, our babies were the same age. My heart is full.

Happy Mother’s Day, my darling girl.


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