Mr. C’s Rockstar 1st Birthday

Having been married for almost 3 years now, it’s no secret to my friends and family that I miss the fun and chaos that came along with planning a big party. What better opportunity to channel my planning skills than my main man’s first birthday?

I know that every parent thinks their kid is the coolest on the block, but I’ve gotta say that Mr. C knows how to rock out with the best of them! So naturally we decided to have a “Rockstar” themed birthday party.

His cool attitude really inspired me. I understand that he’s a baby, of course, so baby animals or Dr. Suess may have been more appropriate, but I wanted our party guests to see how rad he really is.

Not having set a budget per se, but also not wanting to spend a fortune, I decided to take on a lot of the decor and food work myself in an effort to save costs. And as a wanna-be crafter (in my next life maybe), I’m particularly proud of the fabric banners I made. They were oh-so-simple to put together, streamed everywhere and really added a lot of character to the bash’s venue!

I loved the color scheme we chose of black, grey and teal – and I was sure to incorporate those colors at every turn. I also loved the memory book that I had made on with photos of Mr. C throughout his first year. It was amazing to see his transformation over those 12 quick months. I set the book out for all of our guests to leave their “rockstar autograph” and best wishes for the birthday boy. It was a huge hit.

I searched quite a bit for talented vendors who wouldn’t break the bank. They are all listed below for your reference, but one that I was particularly pleased with was Alex Tebow who designed Mr. C’s VIP Backstage Pass invitations .

We wanted our guests to feel part of the very elite group of rockers invited to jam out with the birthday boy. The party was held at our home, which we decided to rename as the venue of The Foskett Rock Club. Alex took care of the rest! My only instructions to her, try not to make it look too “baby-ish” – we really wanted a badass look & feel. She achieved that flawlessly.

And did I mention the cupcakes? I recruited an old friend who started a local business in the sweets department (Sugar) to design and bake three dozen cupcakes. We decided to ornament each treat with “1″ guitar picks and teal 3D stars. The other dozen were baked in sugar cones and topped with black sprinkles, specifically crafted to resemble microphones. Too clever!

To round out the rockstar theme, we incorporated some of our favorite rock bands with food and drink signs. Some of my favorites included Elvis’ Hound Dogs (hot dogs), Rolling Stones (meatballs) and Fleetwood Mac-n-Cheese (you can figure that one out on your own). The full list is below.

I also made cupcake stands out of old vinyl records on top of martini glasses.

And what would a rock ‘n roll party be without leather and glam? Mr. C was adorned with a black glitzy skull and guitar onesie and a biker jacket from 77kids. Too cute! And mom threw on her favorite leather jacket, skinny jeans and Aerosmith-inspired feather earrings. To complete the ensemble I also sported a name tag clipped to my jeans titled “Mr. C’s Manager”. Rock on!

My favorite memory of the party was the look of pure happiness & joy on my little man’s face throughout the entire day. We set up a ball pit in the front yard for the children to play in and he camped out there for most of the party.

Forget the banners, clever food signs or gigantic stack of gifts (including a REAL electric guitar from auntie)– he had an absolute blast simply playing and spending time with all of the people who love him the most. What an amazing gift this was to me as his mama (isn’t the birthday boy supposed to receive the presents?)!

At that moment, all of the chaos of planning this extravagant event vanished and I let it really sink in that my husband and I have done a great job over the last year raising a happy, healthy and wonderful little boy.

My biggest piece of advice to other mamas planning their babe’s party? I think it goes without saying: Enjoy it. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it through that rough first year in one piece. Forget the diet and eat a BIG piece of cake (heck, eat it with your hands just like your little one). And don’t forget to give your baby a huge kiss (and be sure to capture it on camera)!

Picture book - Mixbook
Electric Guitar Cake –Auntie Kelly
Paper Straws – shabbygirl2  on Etsy
Fabric – The $1.99 Fabric Store  in Auburn, MA (teal table cloths); Joann’s Fabric (banners)
Cupcakes – Sugar
Location – The Foskett Rock Club (our home)
Invitations – Alex Tebow Designs

Food :
Elvis’ Hound Dogs (hot dogs)
Rolling Stones (meatballs)
Fleetwood Mac N Cheese (mac n cheese)
Chuck’s Berries (fruit platter)
Tonic (water)
Edible Microphones (cupcakes)
Electric guitar cake, star & guitar pick cupcakes
Uncle Crackers and Cheese (cheese & crackers platter)
Pop rocks
Rock candy
Gold Phish  (goldfish crackers)

By Erin F.

Erin doesn't claim to be an expert in any of these areas, but she definitely has a perspective that we think you can really relate to. This working mommy to 2-year old rockstar, Mr. Cam, wears her heart on her sleeve and hopes that her real-life stories (sometimes mildly pathetic) will serve as self assurance to other new super-moms out there! Her biggest piece of advice? KNOW that you are a fantastic mom and trust your instincts. After all, mother knows best!

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  1. yeah your banners rocked ;)

  2. Amazing tips! Thanks

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