M’s Surprise Baby Shower

What inspired the theme of the baby shower?

Mama M knew she wanted a navy and yellow themed nursery for her second boy. When I came across a navy and yellow “Ahoy it’s a Boy” Pinterest board, I decided to create a subtle nautical theme. We decorated using yellow, blues and creams, and we even made yellow and blue cake-pops to match!

Was the shower co-ed or ladies only?

It was a mama-only event! Children were welcome though, so we had a few little men running around.

How far along was the mama-to-be?

She was 29 weeks and counting down the minutes till baby John joined their family.

Did she know the gender?

It’s a boy!

Did that make a difference in the theme?


Did you work with any vendors?

Does Amazon.com count? A few of the goodies were ordered from the internet, thanks to Amazon Prime and their free two-day shipping.

Tell me about the details… did you have favors?

Co-host Nicole made some delicious homemade body scrub for our guests! She combined coconut oil, kosher salt, and fresh squeezed lemon juice into little individual jars.

Thanks to the always-gorgeous Southern California weather, we were able to hold the party outside. We had paper lanterns hanging over the drink table, a “Welcome John” bunting near the gift table inside and an adorable diaper cake for the mama-to-be! I sewed a small blue and cream striped overlay to break up the monotony of white dishes over a white tablecloth on the food table. There were Goldfish Crackers in a bowl on the table and sand dollars in a second bowl near the food table.

The blue mason jars with paper straws were a personal favorite and really helped tie the nautical theme on to the drink table.

What kind of food did you serve?

Since the shower took place between lunch and dinner, we decided to keep the fare light. We served yellow and blue cake pops and cupcakes, watermelon, chips, Goldfish Crackers, a lentil, tomato and feta salad, hummus and berry cobbler. There was also a drink table filled with fruit-infused water, Italian sodas and kid-friendly Horizon Organic milk boxes. Most of the goodies were homemade and a few of our guests were kind enough to bring food and sodas.

What kind of advice can you give to our Mama Say What?! readers that are planning a shower for their friend or relative?

Start planning early, and make lists! With all my layout sketches and to-do/buy/setup lists, I almost drove my husband crazy. But it made the setup a breeze!

If you don’t mind sharing, could you let us know with one of the following budget indicators how much the party cost?

Less than $150!

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  1. I love this! It is cute and simple, something that I could actually pull off! :)

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