My 2 BFP Stories

I love, love, love hearing about how other mamas found out they were pregnant. Since it’s very personal to some, I don’t go out of my way to ask, but I think it’s so neat to find out about how people find out they are expecting a little bundle of joy. I have two sons and their BFP stories are very different.

In early 2010, my husband and I started thinking about starting a family (okay, if we’re being honest, I had been “thinking about it” for long before that!) We went on a cruise in February 2010 and joked that our first child could be named “Carnival” after our cruise line. That month came with no positive test. I was discouraged, but hello!? It was our first month. Obviously, it doesn’t happen that quickly for most couples. In early April, I made a trip to visit a friend for the day. I was her maid of honor in her May 2010 wedding and I was going with her to a dress fitting and helping her finish DIY things she was working on for the reception. On our way to the dress fitting, she blurted out something surprising.

Her: “So… I’m pretty sure I’m pregnant.”

Me:  “Ummmm…. what?! Why do you think that?”

Her: “Because I took a test this morning and it was positive. So I’m thinking I should stop at the store for another test, just in case.”

So on the way back from the fitting, we stopped at Rite Aid and she picked up a pregnancy test 2-pack. When we got back to her house, she quickly disappeared in the bathroom.

Having only been “trying” for the second month and not really knowing much about my cycle, I thought “hmmm…. I guess I could be?” I’d never heard the phrase “DPO” (days past ovulation) but later came to figure out that I was 9 DPO. A little early to test, but not out of the question for a positive result. When my friend came out of the bathroom, I shared with her my thoughts. She smiled and gave me the other test.

By the time I came out, her test had already revealed the word “pregnant.” While I was sure it was too early for me, I waited a few minutes and then up came the word “pregnant” on mine as well. We couldn’t believe it!

Best friends finding out we were pregnant on the same day!

My husband was out of town with friends and this was certainly not something I wanted to share with him over the phone. So I bought a onesie that said “Beach Baby” and a bib that said “I love Daddy” and wrapped it up for him. When he got back, I excitedly told him I had a little something for him and he opened it with a smile on his face. We were thrilled.

My BFP story for my second son is a little less dramatic and is way more typical.

When our oldest was 16 months old, my husband and I decided that we were ready to start trying for a sibling for B. Knowing much more this time around about timing and my cycle, I was starting to get anxious around 8 DPO.

I knew it was VERY early but couldn’t help myself and took a test. Negative.

I was discouraged, but not really considering I knew I wasn’t out – and hello again?! Our first month of trying.

I took another test on 9 DPO and again – negative. I had one test left and decided to hold onto it until I was officially “late.” Well, on 12 DPO, I just was like “Eh, just take it – you can buy another test.” So I did my thing, left the test in the bathroom with an hour glass flashing and came back a few minutes later to see word “YES” with a little + sign.

My jaw dropped to the floor. My husband was already at work and I headed out to the mall to pick up a “Big Brother” shirt for B. I put it on him for when my husband returned home and he did a double take when he saw it. Again, we were thrilled and feeling blessed beyond belief.

How many days DPO were you when you found out you were expecting? Comment below! 

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