My Breast Friend Review

If I had to choose only one must-have product to recommend to new mamas, the My Breast Friend would be it. The MBF made the whole process of breastfeeding my newborn so much easier.

I was a first-time mama who had clogged ducts literally from the time Elizabeth was born till about eight weeks. To say breastfeeding was painful would be an understatement!

My Breast Friend allowed my back and arms to relax, while holding my daughter at the appropriate height to my chest. Having such a good supportive breastfeeding pillow gave me a mental boost. Knowing the rest of my body would be comfortable gave me one less thing to dread each time she latched on.

The My Breast Friend is a very firm U-shaped pillow that buckles around your abdomen and has an attached back pillow to provide back support. For a new mama, those three aspects are total lifesavers!

The MBF has an adjustable buckle that will snugly wrap around you, which gives you the ability to get up and move around while still feeding your baby. Because the pillow is so firm, there is no sagging or shifting while you reposition yourself or your little one.

The pillow can be positioned lower on your waist or directly under your chest, providing a custom fit at just the right height for your baby to easily latch on to your breast. The MBF is also easy to use by mamas who had Cesarean Sections, as the pillow can be cinched to sit above your incision.

The back support is so necessary; you’ll wonder how you breastfed without it! Since the act of breastfeeding a newborn can take around 45 minutes every two to three hours and your back and arms can fatigue very quickly, the My Breast Friend gently encourages mamas to sit up straight and not hunch forward while feeding (this includes both breast and bottle).

As breastfeeding became painless, I slowly switched from using the My Breast Friend to a Boppy Pillow. And although I now exclusively use the Boppy, when we are blessed with our second child I will absolutely start using the My Breast Friend again. It provides the stability, structure, and height needed to make breastfeeding a simpler and stress-free bonding time.

Pros: Adjustable buckle to fit around mamas of any size for even more adjustability; there is a deluxe version that has Velcro in addition to the buckle for an even looser or snugger fit. Firm foam support. Back support No additional pillows are needed to raise the My Breast Friend to a height that works best for you and baby. There are also many cute cover patterns to choose from!

Cons: Not compact. You have to lean forward to pass the back support pillow and buckle behind you The cover, while removable, is a little tricky to put back on

Where I bought it: I borrowed mine from a friend.
What I paid: Free. However, they retail for 45.00 at Buy Buy Baby and 34.00 on
Price Range: $34-$45 for the original, and $35-$55 for the deluxe
Where it is available: Amazon, most big-box stores including Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Walmart

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