myheartcreative Ring Sling Review & Giveaway

My Heart Creative Ring Sling Review & GiveawayI am a prolific user of baby carriers. I just love the closeness, bonding, and freedom it gives me. Many people, mostly from my generation, will look at babywearing as a “fad” or something that helicopter parent’s use; I find that the older generations look more fondly at babywearing and see its importance. However, for as long as there have been parents and babies, there have been cultures and people who wear their babies. There are numerous studies that show the benefits to babywearing, both to the mother and child, but I won’t go into that right now (you can find that info here: babywearing).

Right now I want to talk about the myheartcreative ring sling I was given to review.

The ring sling was longer than what I normally wear, but I appreciated that it could be used for all sizes of parents, because lets be real, we come in all shapes and sizes. With the additional fabric that is left hanging, I just wrap it around the rings themselves once my son is secured, so it is not in the way. This presents a very easy “fix” for the extra length. It was made of a light weight linen and its rings are a sturdy sliver aluminum.

My Heart Creative Ring Sling Review & Giveaway

My first impression of the sling was that it was an excellent hot weather sling. You can hold it up and see through it, it’s extremely breathable, yet sturdy. Don’t let the airiness of the fabric put you off. For me, the fabric and comfort of the carrier are always at the top of my list of concerns. In a hot climate you just cannot have a carrier that is stifling or hot, or the baby-wearing experience will not be pleasant for anyone.

My Heart Creative Ring Sling Review & GiveawayThis sling is actually very sturdy, which surprised me for the lightweight fabric. I have a silk ring sling to compare it to, and though it is not as moldable and soft as the silk, it’s a very comfortable carrier and again, very breathable.

Because the sling fabric is so lightweight, I’d say this is a perfect sling for an infant and smaller toddler. I wouldn’t think it would be very comfortable for a heavier/older child. In my experience with the carrier, I’d recommend it’s usage for babies who are ages newborn to 1.5 years old.

Additionally, the sling comes with a handy pocket to either fold the sling up inside itself when not in use, or to tuck the extra fabric into when in use. I’d venture to say you could probably even put some pacifiers or other lightweight items in it.

The great thing about this specific carrier is that it is very gender neutral, so both men and women can use it. My husband happens to love this sling; he mentioned it is his favorite out of our numerous types of carriers.

I would definitely recommend this ring sling to a friend who is either a novice or expert in baby-wearing, it’s perfect for everyone! For the novice, myheartcreative’s website gives some great information about baby-wearing in general, as well as safety tip and benefits to both mama and baby. 

My Heart Creative Ring Sling Review & Giveaway

To show how much those at Mama Say What?! love this sling, we are partnering with myheartcreative, to give one away to one lucky reader! With 14 different color options, you’ll be sure to find something you love! Find out how to enter below:

Contest begins on Thursday, April 16th, 2015 and ends on Wednesday, April 22nd,  2015 at 11:59 PST. Must be 18 years of age or older. Must reside in the United States. Must complete the first three entries to win. Winners will be notified by email when the contest is over. Winner must respond within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen. Please check your email or spam box for a message from [email protected]
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66 Responses to myheartcreative Ring Sling Review & Giveaway

  1. This looks like a great sling. My husband used a bigger carrier for our LO when he did outside work. She pretty much hated it so a ring sling is something I look forward to using!

  2. I’ve been wanting to try this one. And seeing the picture of a guy using it would maybe convince my husband to try it as well.

  3. Would love to win this! My husband and I both are into baby wearing.

  4. Our first child is due next month. I really hope that my husband will at least want to try!!

  5. My husband baby wears just as much as I do! We both really love it and so does our daughter!

  6. Its just me that babywears

  7. Claire Rheinheimer Reply

    I tried to convince my husband to wear our daughter, he absolutely will not. I think it’s wonderful when men do!

  8. My husband usually leaves the baby wearing to me, but he would wear the kids.

  9. My husband has not baby wore yet

  10. looks great!

  11. Shanon Fonvergne Reply

    My boyfriend has worn my mai tai carrier inside mostly, when baby wanted to be held while we were in the kitchen or cleaning up. He thinks its awesome and I appreciate it!

  12. My husband does not babywear. He has no idea what he’s missing out on!

  13. Ilove how my man could be wearing this

  14. I’m proud to say my husband does babywear!!

  15. My husband tried to wear our first daughter, but has a really bad back and ended up needing surgery right after she was born, so it was never something that he could get comfortable doing.

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  17. Jennifer Symonds Reply

    My husband would babywear if we had a nice gender neutral ringsling, but currently we have none :/ this looks like a great r/s!

  18. My baby is due in June and I made sure to get a carrier that my husband was comfortable using, I don’t want him to feel left out and when our baby gets bigger it’ll be nice to have someone else to carry him!

  19. My husband doesn’t mind wearing little, but he prefers the structured carrier.

  20. I’m hopeful that my husband will be interested in baby wearing once our little one arrives. I think once he sees how much babies love it and how awesome it is to have your hands free, he’ll get on board. I would like to find a wrap that looks masculine enough for him to try :)

  21. Jessica Martinez Reply

    My husband carried our son once he got old enough for the back carry. Nothing sexier than a man carrying a baby on his back!

  22. My hubby wears our baby girl and wore our first son as well!

  23. Our little one will be arriving in about 2 weeks and daddy is very excited to try out this “baby wearing” thing :) (as am I!)

  24. My husband loved the tula cause it’s easy! He would probably love this!

  25. My husband loves wearing our daughter! It definitely saved our butts during the newborn months, and he still likes to back carry her when we go out. He has his own designated carrier, which I borrow frequently.

  26. My husband wears our toddler and 5m old in the Ergo. I haven’t gotten him to try out my ring sling yet. Maybe a more Neutral color would help convince him!

  27. Our baby is due July 11th and my husband couldn’t be more excited about baby wearing!

  28. Yes, my husband also baby wears! :)

  29. My husband is completely willing to wear! We’re due in a few weeks!

  30. I’m the only one in this house that wears my baby!

  31. He does but mostly when we’re on long outings.

  32. This looks like a great ring sling! I think I could get hubby to wear our baby if I had something a little more masculine looking for him :)

  33. My hubby LOVES wearing our LO in our Ergo! He takes her on walks in the afternoons, it’s the sweetest thing!

  34. We both usually wear the baby. He tends to use the front carrier, and I prefer a sling.

  35. I’ve only tried 2 different carriers the moby and a chicco one. Personally I think this looks a lot easier and more versatile then my moby and would love to buy one. The fabric on this ring sling looks perfect for humid climates in the summer time so that baby doesn’t get to hot and sticky.

  36. melissa bottorff Reply

    he has in the past and is quickly learning that having three (we just had our third three weeks ago) that when you go out it is so much easier to wear them…and the older two demand it!

  37. not when we’re out and about but at home, all the time! he prefers ssc’s though!

  38. I usually wear the baby but yes my I by has strapped on the ergo and worn her. He even said that the carrier was great because he could use his hands. To which I said duh! I’m a very loving wifey. ;)

  39. My husband wears our toddler quite frequently when we’re out and about, but he hasn’t done much baby wearing around the house.

  40. My husband did all of the newborn wearing in a Moby, baby got mad when I tried to wear her because the boobs were too close.

  41. Dad wore baby when she was tiny in a moby and ergo. Now he only wears her in a big structured carrier on hikes.

  42. My husband has tried to wear our little one in the ktan but it’s just not comfortable for him, I’ve been looking into getting him a sling because I think it will be easier and more comfortable.

  43. Yes, hubby also baby wears!

  44. My husband loves to wear our son. He’s normally the one to wear him if all three of us are out in public.

  45. My husband wears our babies every once in a while when they’re tiny. And then often when they are older if we go hiking/camping.

  46. yes, my husband wears our little ones. but he only wears them when they are old enough to be worn on his back. he has never worn them when they were just infants and needed to be worn on the front.

  47. No the father does not baby wear

  48. Stephanie Marcus Reply

    My husband does babywear. He isn’t much into the slings or wraps but he will wear our son in a buckle carrier. I love wearing mine in a sling bc they are so easy to get them in and out.

  49. I really want to try a sling. The MOBY is annoying because of the sheer length of the fabrics. But I like the cuddly feeling of fabric slings over the bijorn.

  50. My hubby wore our first baby, he thinks it is pretty fun

  51. babywearing is love.. :) my husband loves babywearing and this manly RS would be perfect for him.

  52. My husband loves wearing baby girl in the Tula!

  53. Yes! My hubby loves wear our daughter!

  54. I’ve gotten my hubby to wear our son a few times but we also have a big bulky carrier we were given and I personally don’t really like using it either so I don’t blame him for not using it more. I’ve been wanting to try a ring sling type carrier not only because they are so much less bulky than our current carrier but because it seems your babe is just so much closer to you using one. I love snuggling with my little one while carrying him in my arms but after a while my arms can’t hold all 18lbs of him lol

  55. My husband loves to babywear. In fact, he’s probably worn our little man more than I have! We’ve been looking onto getting a ring sling to try in addition to our wraps and carriers :-)

  56. I’d love to try out a ring sling!

  57. My husband does not but I’m trying to flat least get him to try it. Doesn’t know why he’s missing out on

  58. My husband will be wearing our little girl once she gets a bit bigger!

  59. I would love to win one of these

  60. My husband does not babywear… yet. ;)

  61. My husband is excited to wear our little one coming in June. I never would have thought about a ring sling, but it doesn’t look too bad I’m the photos!!

  62. My hubby does wear… we had a brown buckle carrier he liked when our guy was a bit smaller but someone has borrowed it. I would love to have one like this for our next one :)

  63. Both I and my husband babywear! He even has his own Tula so we’re not constantly having to readjust mine. =)

  64. It looks great! I like that it’s adjustable.

  65. My hubby is a stay at home dad and wears our lo all the time!

  66. My husband didn’t baby wear until our second child was 2 months old and hes the one who offered :)

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