My Top 10 New Mommy Mistakes

Hindsight is always 20/20, and 20 months in to raising our first child, these are my top 10 new mommy mistakes. Some were small, some were huge, and others were just ridiculous!

  • Not seeing a lactation consultant. It was a painful and tear-filled first few months that might not have been as bad had I sought proper help.
  • Not calling my OB when a specific postpartum pain wouldn’t go away. Turns out I had two undissolved internal stitches. That was fun.
  • Being too nervous about “messing up my supply” to go on date nights. For almost seven months. I should have embraced the car pump charger!
  • Checking our daughter’s car seat on her first flight. Massive safety no-no. Here’s why. And for the record, if we can not afford a seat for our baby, we do not fly.
  • Assuming our daughter would have enough hair for bows. …still waiting on that one, 20 months later.
  • Using (anything) instead of a co-sleeper. My abs and “lady parts” were so incredibly sore for weeks after birth that I had trouble sitting up to get our daughter out of the bassinet to bring her to bed to nurse. For baby number two we will be using an Arms Reach Co-sleeper.
  • Realizing that postpartum anxiety is a real thing. I was so terrified to walk on our landing, on the tile, and near stairs that it was paralyzing. Next time I’ll call my OB and tell my husband that I am struggling.
  • Not asking for help. My house was a wreck and I was still trying to do it all… despite having many friends willing to come over to clean my house or watch the baby.
  • Letting others’ parenting comments hurt my feelings. We sleep-trained at six weeks and heard from both sides of the spectrum about that decision. Same with our delayed vaccination schedule, extended breastfeeding plans …the list goes on.
  • Self-doubt. Is she getting enough or too much milk/sleep/stimulation/quiet-time/tummy-time….the list is inexhaustible and I quickly learned to listen to both myself and my baby. 

What were your personal “mommy mistakes”?

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