My Upcycled Nursery Dresser

Originally, I was just going to paint an old dresser we had in the basement for Baby Number Two’s nursery, but when I saw this beauty on Craigslist, I couldn’t resist. I had just found out this baby was a girl and I thought this dresser would be perfect painted pink. I love anything with curvy legs!

Since I was pregnant and spray paint is so strong, I decided I was going to use some DIY chalk paint for this project. I went back and forth on painting it all pink and distressing it a bit or painting it pink and white. There were just so many choices! Ultimately, I decided to do the drawers pink and the base of the dresser white and see how that looks. After all, I could always paint over it, right?!

This dresser was definitely used as it had lots of scuff marks and the paint was scratching off all over the place. I, however, did NOT want to sand this entire piece, so I just used a sanding block and sanded the areas where the paint was chipping: pure laziness! I didn’t even sand it that hard and decided to take my chances and hope it still looked okay after the paint was on.

Since I knew the top of the dresser would be heavily used with a changing table and everything on it, I thought I should at least prime that part. I lightly coated the top with a white primer and then lightly sanded it before doing the second coat of primer.

I had a huge can of an off-white colored paint left from our doors and woodwork so I used that for the base. I just mixed one tablespoon of tile grout with one cup of the white paint.

I didn’t think it was gritty enough, so I added a little more tile grout to the paint before getting started. Using a paint brush, I just lightly coated the entire base of the dresser. I took my time with the top, though, making sure the brush strokes were all nice and even. When it dried, I again took a sanding block and just lightly brushed it over the top of the dresser to make sure it was smooth. I did not do any sanding in between coats on the rest of the dresser.

The chalk paint covered the dresser with two coats of paint.

I did the same thing with the pink paint I had left over from making her stencil wall: mixed it with tile grout and painted the drawers. I did not prime the drawers as I was eight months pregnant and just too lazy. The drawers also took two coats of chalk paint and they looked perfect to me!

I used a brush-on polyacrylic as my top coat. Just brush it on and let it dry. I brushed on two coats to the top of the dresser; the rest just received one coat.

I spray painted the original hardware with a white spray paint and re-attached them to the drawers and this is how it all looks together! I REALLY love it, and even though Sydney is barely two months old, I know she loves it too. See how perfectly it goes in the nursery!?

See the entire nursery featured here on Mama Say What?!

15 Responses to My Upcycled Nursery Dresser

  1. Wow - nice job with the dresser -and what a beautiful room!

  2. I absolutely LOVE how this dresser turned out! I think it looks terrific with the drawers a different color than the rest. It is PERFECT for a little girl’s room. And the rest of the room is spectacular too - really nice pops of color and creative touches!!

  3. Fantastic job Heidi! I love how the dresser works so well with the room!

  4. What a beautiful room. You did an incredible job on that dresser! Are you available for hire? ;)

  5. Hillary Oeltjenbruns Reply

    Love this article! I have almost the exact same dresser but its wood yet hasn’t been painted. We don’t know our baby’s gender so in leaning towards doing it white. It’s so fun to see it all come together, looks beautiful!!

  6. Heidi, you are such a rock star!!! I think that I may be inspired to “spruce up” the kids’ rooms!

  7. Wow! What a great job. Love the color hot pink that pops out against the white handles and dresser. Thanks for the great idea.

  8. Wow! This is gorgeous and looks expensive! I am totally inspired to do something like this myself! I think this is a great and fairly inexpensive way to spruce up old furniture for any room in the house. Great job!

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  10. Where did you find the wall decor? I love the frames, mirrors and cross and that you were able to paint them the nursery colors.

    • Thanks Shannon!
      Believe it or not - I found all of the mirrors and frames at thrift stores and garage sales! I just painted them all the nursery colors. It’s amazing what you can find when being thrifty! I do think the little wood cross was a JoAnn Fabrics find!

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