National Safety Month: Bath Time Safety

Keeping our babies and toddlers safe during bath time kind of seems like a no-brainer, but there are a lot of little things that many of us mamas don’t necessarily think of (I know I didn’t as a first time mama!).

Here are some great tips to help keep your kids safe during bath time. 

Check the Temperature!

Your child’s skin will burn a lot faster than your skin will. According to the Burn Foundation scalds are the number one cause of burn injuries to children under the age of four.

You should set your water heater for 125 degrees or below so if your child accidentally turns the faucet she will not get scalded.

You can purchase a bath thermometer to make sure the water does not rise above the desired 100 degrees F and get too hot. Or you can get a Munchkin Rubber Ducky that will reveal the word “HOT” on the bottom when the bath is too hot.

Also, you can face your child away from the faucet so there is less chance of them accidentally turning it.

Be Prepared

Make sure you have everything you need for bath time prior to starting and have it within an arm’s reach.

NEVER leave children unattended in the bath tub.

Children can drown in seconds in as little as an inch of water. According to the CDC drowning remains the second leading cause of unintentional injury or death for children between the ages of one and fourteen years old. Make sure to empty the tub completely immediately following each bath.

Learn infant and child CPR

In the event something does happen you will know exactly how to respond. To find a CPR class near you go to the Red Cross or contact your local hospital or fire departments.

Use a non-slip bath mat in the tub to prevent kids from slipping. Also, place a mat outside of the tub to prevent slippery services when getting out of the tub.

Use a spout cover to prevent accidental bumps at bath time.



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