Nolan’s Bright and Colorful Birthday

Image by Fenwick Photography

Mama Say What?! mama, Kate wanted to make sure that her son’s first birthday was a very special day. She drew inspiration from his awesome nursery. As a graphic designer, Kate took special care in designing the invitations and the décor.

A few of my favorite elements of this DIY birthday party are the super cute cake (looks delicious, too!) and the stats chalkboard.

What inspired the theme of the party?

I initially drew inspiration from the colors in Nolan’s nursery — sky blue, orange, green and yellow. I designed his invitation months ago (I’m a graphic designer and I got excited, haha!) with little flags all over it.

When the party rolled around, we decided to duplicate the flags on the invite into the decor for the party. I basically wanted the party to be colorful and fun. I wanted Nolan to enjoy looking at the decor as much as anyone else, and that meant making everything bright and loud!

What was one element of the party that you are particularly proud of?

The total cost for the decor was around fifty dollars, including helium for the balloons. I sewed all the flags, made a chalkboard out of a ten dollar thrift store framed picture (painted right over the glass with chalkboard spray paint), and made all the puff balls you see hanging.

My mom and I made the cake and I had cake stands lying around. I also made his party hat. And as long as we’re talking budget — I guess I’m proud of the overall budget, too: $150 for 30 people, including food.

Images by Fenwick Photography

Images by Fenwick Photography

If you worked with vendors, what did you love about them?

No vendors, everything was homemade!

What was your favorite moment of the party?

I think my favorite moment was watching Nolan’s face when everyone sang Happy Birthday to him. He had a little satisfied smile on his face and I could tell that he was just really enjoying the party. That made it all worth it!

What was the birthday boy’s favorite moment of the party?

See above —he really enjoyed the singing. He loves sweets (like his father) so he also enjoyed stuffing his face with cake. And almost two weeks after the party, he was still enjoying the sad shriveled up bunch of balloons we saved for him (haha).

Image by Fenwick Photography

Is there anything you wish you would have done differently? If so, what?

Not really— I think it happened just about exactly how I hoped it would!

Any advice you would give to mamas who are planning a party for their little one?

Take it easy. Remember this is a party for your little one. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive for them to enjoy it!

Image by Fenwick Photography

Nolan’s Bright and Colorful Birthday

5 Responses to Nolan’s Bright and Colorful Birthday

  1. I adore the bright colors and details here. Great job mama!!

  2. What a cute little guy! Love the colors, the cake, the decor - everything looks awesome. So bright and cheery :)

  3. I love everything about this party! You did such an amazing job. Your chalkboard is great and I love the buntings! <3<3

  4. I love the hat! Everything is done so nice! I am really inspired by this post!

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