Nolan’s Nursery with Elephants & Giraffes

Check out this adorable nursery that mama Nina created for her son Nolan. I love the simple design, gender neutral colors and I adore the elephants and giraffes! Great job mama!

How did you decide what theme or style you wanted for the room?

I wanted to do a gender neutral elephant and giraffe theme, but didn’t want the room to feel too cutesy or too babyish. I tried to incorporate the theme in a fun and modern way.

What are the main colors?

Light green, grey and yellow.

How did you bring it all together? Inspiration boards, Pinterest, all in your head?

I definitely got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest, and the entire room is a combination of all of my favorite things from other nurseries I’ve seen. The room was already painted a pretty shade of green and we didn’t want to repaint it, so we worked with that green and chose the other accent colors based off of that.

Where did you find the key elements and fun details?

Everything is from a variety of places. The ottoman is from Etsy, giraffe hooks from Anthropologie, elephant rocker and other stuffed toys are from Restoration Hardware Baby and the mobile is from The Modern Baby Co.

How did you keep your room budget-friendly?

My mom made all of the bedding, pillows and the changing pad cover, which saved us a lot of money. I had also fallen in love with a very expensive Jonathan Adler giraffe lamp, but couldn’t justify the cost, so I purchased an ugly one from Amazon and spray painted it a glossy white. In the end, I actually ended up liking it more than my inspiration! The dresser and shelves are from Ikea, which is also much more budget-friendly than some other furniture options.

What do you love most about the room?

The calm, soothing colors and all of the subtle touches of elephants & giraffes. The room has a really peaceful feel to it, which I love!

Did anyone else give any input on the room?

My husband was pretty involved in the color choices, but other than that he left it up to me.

What advice would you give to other mamas about how to make their dream room a reality?

Look around for other options and money saving ideas, you’ll be surprised with what you can come up with to make your room a reality.

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