Old Door Turned into Headboard DIY

My friend Andrea found this awesome door at an old abandoned building and decided to turn it into a headboard.

What a cool idea!

It started as a simple oak door that she painted two coats of Sherwin William’s Reclining Green on (she chose the paint color to match the quilt on their bed). It was a semi-gloss paint, but it turned out pretty flat on the door.

She called and asked me to help her glaze it, which I was excited to help with! We live in a small town with not many glazing options at the local paint stores, so we used Old Masters Gel Stain in Dark Walnut. It certainly did the job, but it definitely ‘stuck’ to the door more than a regular glaze would have.

Our plan was to brush it on a small area and then wipe it off with a damp cloth, however, it was barely wiping off at all.

So we changed tactics. We started dry brushing it onto the door in really small amounts. Just put a little bit of glaze on the brush, dab the excess on a paper towel so there’s barely anything there and start brushing strokes across the door.

Some areas were darker than others, which was ok since she wanted it to have a rustic feel.

After that, we wanted the panels to be more defined, so Andrea took a q-tip and wiped the glaze along the edges so they would be darker. We also took a small brush and stroked the raised edges of the panels so there was more glaze along them as well.

After the glaze was dry, she sanded the door a little bit to blend the glaze and the paint together. Some areas were much darker with the glaze than others, so she took the green paint and dry-brushed over the glaze a little bit to help blend it in.

After everything was dry, she did a final sanding over the door.

Of course she didn’t want the paint rubbing off on her pillows, so she finished it off with two coats of semi-gloss polycryclic and hung it up behind her bed.

How awesome does this look!? The Reclining Green paint color matches beautifully with their comforter and the dark brown glaze matches the rest of the furniture in their room.

Great job Andrea, and thanks so much for sharing your great DIY project with us!

Old Door Turned into Headboard DIY

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  1. Love this!! I am always trying to come up with ways to make the old new again. Some window frames turned mirrors or photo frames would rock on this space :)

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