Origami Owl Review and Giveaway

Origami Owl Review and Giveaway

About a year ago, a friend posted something on Facebook about Origami Owl. I checked it out and thought the jewelry was cute and such a fun way to showcase one’s personality. I loved that they were interchangeable and customizable. Then Danielle, an independent designer, contacted us about doing a review and giveaway. I was so excited to actually get to check them out and review them!

First up, picking out charms. Who knew this would be so hard? I was on a budget, so I was trying not to go overboard… but honestly, I could have chosen at least 10 (and I am sure I will slowly up my stash).

I decided to get things that have the most meaning to me right now. I got a silver H with crystals to symbolize my family (our last name starts with an H). I included a camera for my photography business, a laptop for MSW and everything else I do on the computer and last but not least, an I Love You Hand, which I have to say, is my favorite. This is how N has been saying “I love you” for at least 6 months now. He refuses to say it, but loves to show it. He has also discovered it in my locket and loves to tell and show it to people.

I really like the plates that they have for the lockets. There were a few I was interested in getting (and again, will eventually grow my collection) and ended up with “Dream.”

I then chose a medium Living Locket without crystals. I’m not big on bling, so I was worried the crystals would be too much. I have to admit though, with the charms I chose, there isn’t much color or overall sparkle to my locket. I kinda wish I had chosen the crystals or a dangle or some more color (more things to add later!).

I also love the magnetic closure. It is really strong and feels secure. N has tried to open it to no avail… so far.

After discussing it with Danielle, I decided to get the 24-26” 2mm Rolo Chain. The quality is great. The chain is thick enough and seems strong enough to withstand N pulling on it occasionally. I had concerns that the extender part would tangle in my hair because that has happened before with other chains, but it hasn’t. I like the length because it hangs lower, and also when I am showing it off, people don’t have to get too much into my personal space to really see the locket and charms.

Overall, the quality of all of the pieces is fantastic. I ended up picking out some of the bigger charms, so not all 4 fit in my locket at once, especially if I want my plate to be seen. Something else I learned is to use the little glue dots that scrapbookers use to secure the plate and charms in place. I am only using it for the plate and H (it kept covering the I love you hand otherwise). I have received tons of compliments on my locket and can’t wait to add more and change it up.

Now for the part you have been waiting for! Just in time for Mother’s Day, Mama Say What?! and Danielle Marlar, Origami Owl Independent Designer are giving away a $50 gift certificate to Origami Owl. Enter below for your chance to win. Must complete the first 3 entries for your entries to qualify. Must live in US or Canada and be 18 years of age or older. Giveaway ends 4/24/13 at 11:59pm PDT.

Interested in purchasing your own Living Locket? Check out Danielle’s site, then join us (by clicking ‘Going’) at our Mama Say What?! Jewelry Bar Online Party where you can connect with Danielle to place your order and be entered to win additional prizes. If you purchase something, you get entered into another chance to win!

***And the winner is: Candace Mae Jones! Congrats Candace! Please make sure to share what you get on our Facebook page!

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28 Responses to Origami Owl Review and Giveaway

  1. If I had to pick a favorite charm of the ones featured on the blog it would be the camera. For one I love to scrapbook and two I love photography. I love taking photos of friends and loved ones and nature. I love having photos taken of me too. I am admittedly a ham. I think capturing memories is important.

  2. What a great article and review. I’ve never heard of Origami Owl before this, and I must say that I want one now.
    And the photo of your son doing the “I <3 You" hand is absolutely precious.

  3. I love the anchor charm

  4. My favorite charm is the flip flops! I live in them! I recently purchased my mother a locket for Mother’s Day…. I held an online party with Danielle Marlar and I used the credits I earned for the locket!! Every single person that designed a locket through my party was so excited with the outcome, that they proudly sent me pictures!!! It is such a unique idea for jewelry! I am not someone known to wear a lot of jewelry… quite honestly, I wear a cheap pair of hoop earrings from Claire’s (stolen off my daughter jewelry butterfly display piece in her bedroom…..LOL), my wedding ring, and of course my Origami Owl Locket! I hope whoever wins the gift certificate enjoys it!! Good luck ladies!!

  5. As a DJ, my favorite charms are the microphone and head phones. :)

  6. Well if I have to decide on one my favorite charm is mom :) best job in the world :)

  7. Love the baby girl carriage charm!

  8. I love the vintage charms, they are absolutely adorable, but my absolute favorite is the OWL!!!!

  9. Love the angel wing charm.

  10. I LOVE this contest! Thank you MSW & Danielle for hosting this. My favorite charm is the baby girls feet/footprints to celebrate my new baby girl. I can’t wait to plan out my locket to get from Origami Owl! :)

  11. I don’t know if I could drop anymore more hints to the hubby that I want one of these. =)

  12. Adrienne Schumann Reply

    Ekk! :) :) :) Love this duo! ;)

    I need to start loading up on those charms!

    • Adrienne Schumann Reply

      P.S. I love my police badge charm, but I’m digging the dog since he looks like Toto from the Wizard of Oz ;D

  13. the vintage CAMEO BLACK my granny had a necklace with this pendent when i was younger. one of my favorite memories of i and her was me sitting in her lap twirling the charm in my fingers , she would brush my hair and tell me the little red riding hood story. we were never able to find the necklace after she passed away. so this has always been a favorite of mine.

  14. Daily Woman (Lacey) Reply

    Autism Heart

  15. There are so many to love, but I adore the little wedding ring.

  16. How adorable are these?!? I must send my husband a hint e-mail for a Mother’s Day gift!

  17. Love all the family charms and the softball ;)

  18. My favorite charm is the number 8 because it represents our family. I also love the camera because it represents me :)

  19. I like the White Daisy Flower charm the best…I could use it in my locket to represent my Girl Scout Daisy troop that I lead :)

  20. I would love to have a medium locket with the new angel wing charm and the I love you hand charm and my boys birthstone gems.

  21. I love the mom charm

  22. How can you pick just one favorite charm? I’m torn between the I love you hand, because growing up that was something my family did ALL the time, and the camera, because that’s my passion, and the baseball, makes me think of our baseball themed wedding.

  23. Thank you I’m so excited :)

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