Our Journey With a Journal

From the moment I found out I was going to be a mama, I made the decision to share the journey with my future child. I did this through words. I bought a journal that could be for either girl or boy and I began to write.

There are a lot of uncertainties through pregnancy and raising a child, but one thing that is always definite is my love, and that is what I express in my journal to my little girl. The love I have for her is so powerful and I want her to be able to grasp it and see how it all started.

I share my feelings and thoughts. When I was pregnant, I would write down my cravings, her growth in comparison to fruit, doctor office visit notes, emotional days and how they were usually over something silly.

When she arrived I wrote a detailed version of my birth story and a lot about her first days.

I share with her my love for breastfeeding her and how I hope one day she appreciates it.

I continue on and write about her milestones and funny stories, even adding in information about big world events.

I date each entry at the top so she can see when this all took place.

In the back of the journal I keep all of her “firsts” so that they are easily accessible. I plan to continue writing to her always on good days, bad days, birthdays, holidays and just because.

I do not know when I will present it to her, but I know that when I do, she will see how much I love her. She will get to relive all the small moments, big moments and everything in between.

2 Responses to Our Journey With a Journal

  1. I have spent the majority of my life journaling about my life because I wanted to be able to share them with my children and prove that I did go through the same dilemmas when i was there age. I kept a pretty complete record of my daughters first year and wished that i would have kept it up through her second where she really began to blossom. Time to start again i guess.

  2. I love this! I so wish I had the time and dedication for something like this.

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