Painting Pumpkins

While not a mess-free alternative to carving a pumpkin, allowing your toddler to paint their pumpkin is a fun and safe way to get your little one involved in the Halloween spirit!

Last year, E LOVED to color, so I knew she would have fun painting. We used finger paints and kept things simple by nixing the paintbrushes.

I dressed E in an old t-shirt and her diaper, prepped the paints on a plastic plate, and let her go crazy!

She wandered off to play in the yard a few times, but kept coming back to add a little more paint and move the pumpkin to a new paint-free area on the deck. I didn’t encourage her to “sit down and paint”, and allowed her to take as much time with this activity as she wanted, which ended up taking about 20 minutes.

Overall E had a lot of fun, and it was actually very stress-free on my end too! Allowing her to paint at her leisure made the craft much more enjoyable than I had anticipated, and now we have a cute little pumpkin to add to our front porch!

What’s a fun alternative to carving pumpkins that you do with your kids?

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