Painting Rocks Activity

My daughter loves doing crafts— she loves crayons, markers, stickers, stamps and of course, paint.

We try to do a couple crafts each week, whether it be just coloring a birthday card for a friend, making animals out of toilet paper rolls or plastering stickers all over construction paper for daddy to hang up at his desk at work.

The basics can get boring though, so C and I try to find ways to get even more creative. One thing my 19-month-old thinks is super cool is painting on things other than paper.

To save my dining room table, our white walls, her baby doll’s faces and random household appliances, I’ve had to find safe, acceptable things for her to paint all over.

When we take our dog on walks through the neighborhood, once in a while we collect little rocks and stones. C likes to find them by herself and show them to me— I’ll give her the thumbs up to bring it home or the thumbs down if they’re too small or too big.

We wash the rocks when we get home and voila— we have a perfect canvas for paint.

It is such a simple idea but one that my toddler is thrilled with.

We use easy-to-hold toddler paintbrushes with a finger paint set of primary colors and I let C go to town. Of course, it’d be ideal to paint outside sitting on the grass, but that’s only an option in the spring and summer. In the colder months, I tape some newspaper or construction paper down onto the dining room table and C paints on top of that.

For now, she just mixes colors and splatters the paint all across the rocks. When she’s older, I imagine it’ll be fun to paint simple things like flowers, hearts and stars.

When the snow outside finally melts (will this winter ever end?), we plan to put our colorful masterpiece rocks outside around our deck as some fun spring décor.

6 Responses to Painting Rocks Activity

  1. N LOVES to collect rocks too! this is a great idea for them. And I can see them also being great gifts for grandparents. Who doesn’t need a paper weight? :)

  2. What a fun indoor activity for any day where we can’t play outside. Heck, we could even do this outside! Saving this one, thanks!

  3. What a fun and cheap idea :) Love it

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  5. What a great idea! I know my daughter would love to paint, but I’m afraid of the mess! She is going through a phase where she thinks it is hysterical to be naughty and will purposely do things I tell her not to! (-: However, I could set up an outdoor “studio” and give her a pile of rocks! I think I may just try that!

  6. I love this. i wish I saw this earlier. It’s been raining ALL day!
    But I’ll have to remember this, my sons would love it!
    so simple, almost free!

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