Penny Wise: Grocery Shopping From Home

As a working mama, I’m always looking for ways to spend more time with my kiddos. I miss so much of their day while at work, so it’s important to me to spend as much time with them as I can in the evenings and on the weekends. Unfortunately, busy mamas still have to cook, clean, do laundry and grocery shop among other things.

Online grocery shopping seems to be popping up everywhere. Two of the three major grocery stores in my area now allow customers to shop online. You open their website, type the name or brand of the item you want to buy and then add what you want to your online cart. Anything goes – produce, meat, pantry items, milk, beauty products, diapers etc. You complete your order, choose a pick up or delivery time and submit it.

The stores near me require between four to eight hours of time from when you submit your order until it’s ready. A personal shopper at the store will shop the order for you, and then you can either pick it up or have it delivered (for free or a small fee depending on the total). I’ve found that by doing my grocery shopping online, I’m not only getting to spend more time with my boys, but I’m saving money while doing it.

Here are a few ways that I’ve been able to save:

  • I’m a big fan of clipping coupons. Even though I have two kiddos and a full time job, I do try to clip and print coupons to save money at the grocery store. I spend time during the week browsing different coupon match-up websites that find the best deals for you (you don’t even have to do the work yourself!). Two of my favorite sites for coupon match-ups are livingrichwithcoupons and I find the coupons and then add the items I need to my online grocery list. I stock up when something is on sale and I have a coupon to go with it. If I were to simply go to the store and shop with whatever coupons were in my binder, there is no way I would save as much. A majority of my coupon savings coming from online coupons (from sites like and Companies often offer high-value coupons on Facebook as well.

  • There is no “impulse buying” at the register since you’re not at the register to see it! You only add to your cart the things you truly need or want.
  • There are no toddler hands that sneak unwanted treats into your cart when you’re not looking. I’m pretty sure my husband is sometimes a culprit of this as well.
  • Some stores offer sales ONLY for online shopping. What you would pay full-price for in the store might be discounted online.

Though creating (errrr… obsessing over) an online shopping list takes me more time than I would actually going to the store, I still feel as though it’s a valuable investment. I spend a little time each night when the kiddos are asleep and work on my online order. I print and clip coupons as I find the deals and head to the store to pick up my order with coupons in hand by the end of the week. Most stores will bring your bags right out to the car for you and load them in your trunk. Can’t get easier than that!

Happy saving, mamas!

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