Personalized Matching Game: A Treasured Gift

I have a gift recommendation for your friends, mamas! You’re going to love this!

Having a group of mama-friends has been essential to motherhood for me. As much as we love our kids and husbands, we still need friends. I’ve been so lucky to have mama friends to support, encourage, and help me.

Before we made a big international move that brought my family to where we are now, I was a part of a playgroup. A wonderful group of mamas and kiddos— we got together every Monday morning for a couple of hours. We’d sing with the kids, do a craft, and then let the little ones play while we had coffee and chatted. This was a reality for me every week for two and a half years. We all became really close; we complained to each other, swapped parenting ideas, gave each other advice and compared recipes. As you can probably guess, a few of these women became my best mama friends.

When we moved, my kids were sad to leave their playgroup friends. I was sad to leave, too!

As a group, they gave us a gift that we still play with and love to look at six months later. Personalized matching game cards, with all of the playgroup kids pictures on them. It’s such a thoughtful gift, and a great way to remember our friends’ little faces as they grow in size and in distance.

Both my toddler and my preschooler love matching games. Matching faces makes it even more fun.

They love to just look at these cards, too. It reminds them of their friends back in Germany and the fun they had together. My oldest will look at the cards and ask to Skype with her friends, too, which is always fun to do!

I sincerely love that these women put this idea together for us to take with us, and I know that we will continue to treasure this gift for a long time. I highly recommend a personalized matching game as a gift to your friends, especially if they are moving away, but even if they’re not. It’s a gift the whole family can enjoy!

3 Responses to Personalized Matching Game: A Treasured Gift

  1. Oh my goodness, I love this idea!

  2. What a fun and creative gift!! Fantastic idea!

  3. You’ll be surprise at just how many people are prepared to let go of those coupons.

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